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  1. Thanks all...I’m pretty sure it’s the last unregistered one, not sure if they actually made 25 in the end? going for the A-Frame and harnesses before collecting, painted yellow, I’ve just asked for callipers to be done in yellow as well, after seeing the one in this thread! Ties in better with the yellow race car ‘wobbly web wheels’ as well. Will get it to Knockhill before long.
  2. A year later...I’ve just bought this one. Will be 3rd V6 Exige, I think I had first one from Murray when they came out, and then a 350 Sport. Always planned to get another, and this seems as good as it gets. (Until next special...). Polished Silver edge is classic race car look, inc on original 25, though wheels should be yellow...
  3. Any chance they could provide a speed v distance chart, so as to line up the corner speeds?
  4. looks like I can hope for 1 September reg then, thanks. It's a pity that no-one mentioned the new brake option, (wasnt on original list) but I'm pretty sure the standard brakes are up to the job.
  5. Did they tell you the latest estimated date for first customer cars? I was told June a few weeks ago, and then it became September according to the playground. Also, what is the "brake upgrade"? I didn't see that on options lists. Thanks
  6. And I've been ripped off by nearly £400.... Won't happen again, at least!
  7. Same here - look for end space, and have found that sliding seats right back before exiting makes it easier if in a tight one. It is definitely easier than an elise though.
  8. I just changed rears, to keep matched with fronts (basically illegal at 6k miles). Will definitely try something else assuming that I need 4 next time. I really can't see that a slightly different tread pattern is going to make a difference 95%+ of the time, on the road. I am not looking for the last tenth of a second (most of the time...), and IMO there is going to be a barely discernable impact on damping, handling and balance below the ultimate tyre limit, which is where the Evora stands out on a day-to-day basis anyway.
  9. The best quality "carbon-look" is called 3M DI-NOC Carbon vinyl wrap Dug up a thread on it here: In general seems good, but you will see near the end of thread, there may be issues with appearance paint removal, thickness on roof, stretching on door mirrors etc. Probably enough to put me off the idea! Not sure about the gloss black, would be good to see some pics?
  10. So, is my £320+ VAT quote over the top, even allowing for Lotus premium? It would seem so if you paid £330 incl from your dealer.
  11. Yes, have had it quoted/confirmed at £320+VAT+ fitting = c£400/tyre, which is ridiculous, IMO. I have had all sorts of cars from R8s to Range Rovers, and that is the most expensive tyre by some distance. Not really a small price to pay, especially as they seem to last c7-8k miles
  12. So, are they (rears) different from other P-Zero assimetrico 255/35 ZR19s ? You can buy them from Merrits, for example for £276 inc VAT. If they have to come from Lotus, what is lead time - my rears are worn out now, and will need new ones by end of the week. Al, my rears have done 6500 and are finished, but car was demo so probably thrashed! Fronts look fine, but don't know if they are original. Thanks
  13. Are these still only available from Lotus? Looking at a trackday this week which will hopefully finish off a set, and didn't realise there may be a problem replacing at short notice. Also happy to look at alternative (but as good or better than p-zeros) tyres for summer only if any suggestions?
  14. We all know the radio reception is terrible (my 8 year old Impreza has much better range). What is the problem? I seem to remember reading it was a lack of antenna, or is it just a poor head unit? Does anyone know if anything can be done to sort, aftermarket or otherwise? Also, does anyone else have a problem with screen randomly changing views between radio and navigation while on the move? Not a major problem, but can get v. annoying, and is one of those issues which disappears within 5 miles of a dealership! Thanks
  15. It was me on Pistonheads, and that's pretty much what I was told. It wasn't an "official" upgrade (ie factory), but one which dealer is working on with local expert which will be warranty friendly. I will be talking to them in next few days, and will let you know if any more detail.
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