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  1. I have booked in for the Saturday with friend Lynda will be there... should be good i hope With my red Esprit now with a part new re-spray and a non-slipping clutch! See you there Steve & Lynda.
  2. Hi Folks, Perhaps a sill question, but, do you have to buy a ticket per person, even if they are not participating (driving) in the event just accompanying ?
  3. Hi Bibs, Sorry I would have been up for it, but I'm just getting the beast back from Sportmotive Salisbury after some work! cheers Steve
  4. Hi Sparky, So when is your web site gonna be finished? Rgds Steve
  5. Hi Bibs & Chaps, My experience was that the (hidden) pipe that runs underneath the header tank [mine is the double type but i guess applies to the other single tank] [NOTE - Not the little bleed pipe that goes up to chargecooler unit] This 10/12mm pipe connects to a 'T' that then goes to the pump. This has a tendancy to block up and could be easily missed. I cleared this by using a wire coathanger and prodding [gently] via the tank down the pipe, which then emitted lots of bubbles! :-) Then the pump stopped making 'churning' sounds and sounded like it meant business! Actually before I got sucess - in my case - I then found the hose connection (nearside wheel arch) where it connects to the twin aluminium pipes - some nice person had damaged the end and it had subsequently silited up blocking the charge cooler radiator path ... sigh So now I have a nice 'cool' chargecooler - a new experience! :-)
  6. Hi Dave and all, Just an addition to say thank you again for a very enjoyable afternoon/evening ! Best Regards Steve
  7. Hi Chaps, Like you 'Red vtec' I just replaced my rusted solid aerial with a e-bay universal stainless one, on my 1990SE. I cut off the 2 pin connection with a Blue in line fuse and a green wire (aerial 'on' signal from the radio) The 'Universal unit' had a red power line I spliced onto the blue (via the fuse) and the green to green. The remaining black earth wire I linked back to the Universal casing via a screw. As the Lotus has a thicker body shell and there is a braded earth ring you need to reuse, you will need to (carefully) cut off somewhere between 3-5 mm from the aluminium tube that is under the std mounting kit. NOTE : Be careful if (like I did duh!) not to cut off too much or it will tighten up - result - poor earth connection! Caution: IF you are trial fitting it with the kit and the earth lead under it, every time I tried to remove it, the angle bracket and the earthing washer fell off inside the wing and typically ends up hidden/stuck between the door bracket and the base of the wheel arch (I used a wire coat hanger for that! 3 times!) As mentioned it is not really possible to angle the aerial due to space, so it has to point stright up! shame! I hope this write up helps! Best Regards Steve
  8. Hi All, I have exactly the same issue on a Dell Latitude D610.... Weird - why only 3/4 fields all the else is zero..... Any else solved this ?? Do I go and borrow anther laptop? Steve
  9. Hi Mike, I have fitted Protech's at the front, the ride height is a pig to adjust, the spring ends dig into the Aluminium adjuster rings and with the coarse threads it uses combine to make it impossible to move even when jacked up. But I took mine back to 'Micheldiver Tyres' near me for the tracking (after I replaced the Rack which was worn) with the nice chap's help we went over all the official Lotus settings for the SE and came up with a 'custom' setup for their alignment machine. [The default uses the S4 settings for power steering - not correct!] Whilst it was on the alignent 'pit' he managed to get a 'C' spanner from the underside (which I could not on jacks!) and he set it up for me ! I am running 6mm nearside and 15mm offside for the spring pre-load and 4 clicks on the dampers. The bad bump steering it had when I bought it, is now Much reduced and more confidence inspiring! Good Luck - Steve
  10. OK sounds fine, count me in -- 1. Bibs 2. Dermot 3. Paul C 4. internets 5. Andy Clements 6. matk 7. steve15 (Steve Leaver) Rgds Steve
  11. Hi Chaps, I would be interested in the proposed FreeScan tutorial... I have an 3 x opto type lead that worked and showed only limited info for some reason...
  12. Hi Chaps, I have a similar 1990 Model [in Red] and found one key point - the HT leads that look nice are actually carbon thread type that go high resistance over time (2 of mine read over 30M ohms) This will lead to a weak spark - I had lumpy tickover and found number 3 was not firing, if left alone can possibly damage the coil packs. Note: As the coils work in a 'wasted spark' mode, if one lead is bad it can affect the other plug 1 & 4 or 2 & 3. The other thing to check is the rubber connections generally & to the MAP sensor in the wing... Regards Steve
  13. Hi Folks, I had a similar experience with a Lucas 'delay unit' on a 1982 Eclat S2. The issue was down to a bad earth screw with no 'star' washer installed (there is a small earthing tag that needs to be grounded) Cheers Steve
  14. Hello folks, Just acquired my 1989 Esprit Turbo SE (after selling my Eclat S2.2 Riviera) This is a 'rolling' restoration, but currently has the LH tank rusted and leaking... :-(
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