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  1. Has anyone dyno'd their 400 yet? Would be interesting to see what it puts down!
  2. @JayEmm will be happy. He loves those seats
  3. Denied now... oh well. At least I saved you the rest of your morning ??
  4. Ahem ladies
  5. Bibs already said titanium. Does the titanium exhaust push out the sam db's?
  6. EVORA CUP 470!! OMG How cool is that engine bay
  7. In before the heartbreak.... That wing looks awfully big for an evora thats no wider Still. Very excite!!!
  8. Man, I just wish the bit between the tailgate and the roof was carbon!
  9. Interesting. I noticed you said you were there on Thursday but it looks very quiet, were people working? Also, did you see any elises being made and if so, was it the new style or old? 410 is gonna be fantastic! Jonny
  10. And here's me wishing they kept the Lotus badges on the dash. I'm definitely in the minority! Lovely car
  11. looking forward to this 'evora story' very interesting I read the book at the academy at hethel which was interesting. Waiting for the next video to upload, looking forward to it Jonny
  12. Will look forward to hearing what you think vs a 991 nice choice
  13. That does sound good, would be interested to see how well they've progressed with the auto box. Keep the videos up! (early subscriber )
  14. pearl white, red leather, black pack oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy
  15. The interesting thing is when i visited the factory 2 monthes back, they had a blue s ips there which they kept driving off in. Funnily enough now the update is out that car is now for sale on autotrader! Im guessing it's the 400 ips development car and you've now got the 400 update
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