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  1. I registered and quite some time ago and have not used either. If anyone is interested in purchasing them from me, please let me know. cheers baz
  2. Found this nice video I hadn't seen before with a lovely engine note... and Anyone know how to use the embed code from you tube with this forum?
  3. I presume that this thread was started because I mentioned in another thread about the reversing camera, that someone had worked out that the dvd would play if the handbrake was left on one notch. In no way was I recommending people watch a DVD whilst driving and I know for a fact no one else on here would. Simply a case of people pointing out what they are discovering about the car which is what this forum is all about. Concentration is extremely important whilst driving.... Sorry to here about your friends...anyone engaging in any other activity apart from driving whilst driving is
  4. Hi Matt, Thanks for you informative reply...really appreciated. It's a shame lotus didn't map the optional rear view camera to a switch on the steering wheel. Then a quick press of a button would give a (although fisheyed) good, quick view out the back much like using the interior mirror. Maybe having the rear camera on when travelling forward falls under the same rule as not being allowed to watch a dvd unless stopped? I noticed you had found that leaving the handbrake on one notch, got around that issue....well done. I think you made exactly the right choice colour wise, the ca
  5. Hi all, This may sound a little stupid...but is it possible to turn on and leave on the reversing camera to increase the rear view? PS Matt, congrats....I personally think you have the best colour combination...looks lovely in storm titanium especially with those wheels (what colour are the wheels?). If you have taken any more pics recently, I loved to see them...yours is the only titanium pic anywhere I can find. To all you have run them does the acceleration feel now...comparable with an elise? I ask as when I test drove I had to keep under 4k rpm. Th
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