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  1. I only just noticed that all the time viewing the forum, I wasn't even logged in.. didn't even see all these posts
  2. To be honest, probably the most relevant Posts to be made on these types of Forums are Problems & Fixes. Furthermore, since I'm still waiting with my order and using you guys as Guinea Pigs (), I found this list highly interesting, thanks! Hopefully you get your Problems fixed! 2) Let's just pray this isn't a chronic Problem with the Evora. A few mid-engined cars have this problem due to the long piping needed to reroute the cold medium from the compressor at the back, to the front... I don't even bother fixing it on my car anymore, since the pipe always brakes. 5) (Water) I have a similar problem on my car (again). Not many options for a fix here I fixed it by drilling a small hole. Obviously, this will only be an option for the door handle. And even there it might be wise to reroute the water using a small tube. But on a 70.000
  3. Definatly Photoshoped, the rear brake calipers are at the wrong spot + the mounted 4-hole Exige wheels. Or they went through alot of trouble changing these things. But looks interesting!
  4. By the way, saw 3 Porsches today just walking around on base... Good thing that I don't live near Stuttgart
  5. Ohh I guess yours would be the first customer 2+0?
  6. Mischi

    IPB 3.0.0

    After looking around for a while, I think I like this more than the old one!
  7. Mischi

    IPB 3.0.0

    Ohhh Shiny! Very nice
  8. I somehow like the slime green one
  9. I agree with Bibs, I'm pretty sure everyone here knows the dangers of DVD playback in cars. But this topic actually made me wonder... I'm one of those people who dislikes MP3 players and rather sticks to CD's. And since CD's just don't cut it anymore, i have a bunch of Audio DVD's. Anyone tried playing an Audio DVD in the Evora? Does the Alpine unit even support this, without using the handbrake? I had to rig my current car radio to play music... the irony...
  10. No, what I meant was, that almost everything has already been done design-wise at some point. It's almost impossible to come up with something new that no one has done before, that won't make the car look like Quasimodo. What I'm trying to say is, most of the design Elements on the exteriour of the Evora have already been on some other car. Which isn't a bad thing at all. It's the perfect mix that makes the Evora look beautiful. In other words, it's kind of pointless to look for cars that look similar, since there are always a few. Just browsing today I saw a couple "look-alikes".
  11. Most of the design elements have been used before, so there are quite a few cars that from certain angles have similarities. Take the new Artega for example... I think it should've been designed somewhere around the time as the Evora. And I don't think that they wanted to create similar looking interiors: And the exterior does have some design elements of the Evora as well: Most of it is coincidence i think. After all, designers tend to forget where they saw a certain Element, use it and think that it's new
  12. Hehe, sadly I couldn't test the rear visibility since they did fit a huge black panel behind where the back seats used to be. I can't remember if they removed the back window or not (Even though it was just 24 hours ago)
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