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  1. Allan Gibbs

    Allan Gibbs

  2. Allan Gibbs

    Lotus Evora 400

    I imgaine you folks will have a chance to drive the Evora 400 before I will. If you have a chance to drive the IPS, could you please check to see if the software still prevents a down shift to first gear when over 20 mph.
  3. Allan Gibbs

    IPS or Manual

    Actually, driving position/comfort is an issue I've had with the Evora 6 speed and being only 5'5". I also had the seat to far forward to get the clutch pedal down. It was a factor that made me trade my 6 speed S for an IPS S. I'm so much more comfortable now.
  4. Allan Gibbs

    Upgrading from N/A to S

    Wait and see what Lotus will show in Geneva before making a decision.
  5. Thank you. I was ready to set my car on fire in protest.
  6. Matt Becker is still employed with Lotus, right? Just want to make sure.
  7. Lotus needs to handle their PR a little better: If potential U.S. buyers hear Lotus is essentially pulling out of the U.S. market in September 2014, it just reinforces the stereotype that Lotus is unstable. I read this blog as Lotus skipping the 2015 model year to focus on whatever they'll debut in Geneva. It makes no sense to spend money for a single model year. However, that general public (or more importantly potential customers) don't know that.
  8. Allan Gibbs

    Dealer Meeting

    I would have thought so too. Even though NDAs are in place, I would have thought Lotus would authorized certain information to be "leaked" to spur some interest and excitement in the brand.
  9. Allan Gibbs

    Evora Mule spotted.

    That's possible. I heard from someone that was there, that before the Evora was presented, the dealers were also called to Hethel as Lotus wanted their input as to whether it should be a coupe or covertible.
  10. Allan Gibbs

    So Annoyed That There was No Announcement, That...

    Any news from the dealer meeting?
  11. Allan Gibbs

    Lotus news soon

    Does it look like this: or this: or even this:
  12. Allan Gibbs

    Lotus news soon

    Possible. I just can't see either U.S dealer owners going to Hethel just for a meeting and greet without some tangilble new or updated product in the immediate future.
  13. Allan Gibbs

    Lotus news soon

    I read that owners of U.S. Lotus dealers will be heading to Hethel in September for a meeting. Might the "announcement" be made then?
  14. Allan Gibbs

    Evora Facelift - When

    Well, it's April. Any news?
  15. Allan Gibbs

    Cold air intake

    There's also a new CAI from the U.S. Distributor of the Kold Fire tune, BOE. Here's a link to the thread. It's a bit long but this link takes you to where it became available for sale: