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  1. mine did that, it was the tps. you know how to get the fault codes to flash to you don't you??
  2. Hi Mike hope you're well.;o=q&pc= start here and work your way down...
  3. Well I'm stunned he stepped up, but good on him, I only hope he does the job properly. Good luck.
  4. I fitted a catch can and shortly after my head gasket blew, can't attribute it directly but it was darn suspicious! This was with the catch can having a vented screw top. Anyway, refitted the can but with another pipe coming out of the catch can going to atmosphere via a small filter so if the sump was being pressurised, it shouldn't be now. Time will tell, if the HG blows again (I will be pissed off!) then I'll know it was the catch can... Reason I fitted the can was because the dump valve was blowing oil all over the engine which was due to the recirculation pipe sending all the gunk into the air filter and through the plumbing. Made a right mess and can't have been doing much for fuel air charge. 910 wasn't designed to be an oil burner!!!!
  5. Yeah, I've heard you get more grip initially to the point where both wheels let go then the oversteer is more sudden, witht the open diff its more progressive with one letting go first. More grip is better in my opinion...
  6. Have to praise Chris Weedens car which has an LSD fitted, as well as a posh set of cogs. It was storming in the corners and appeared to be on road tyres, the grip was amazing. My car with similar size tyes was less than amazing and I had track oriented soft grippy tyres. Inside spins on the corners and then its powered oversteer. So, if you are looking at a good performance mod or are having your gearbox fixed its a good time to have a Quaife fitted. You wont regret it.
  7. give Geoff a ring he replaced the ones in mine for nice electric Spall fans, just check the fuses as they can draw slightly more juice and mine blew. needed the next ones up. EspritEngineering 01725 514449 07973404930
  8. OH GOD! I fixed a duff brake light on my daily runner this morning. Must go to an Alfa dealer to have them check its not a danger to the other road users! not.
  9. I had this problem, got Geoff's mate to fashion a boss out of ally and it looks stock. cost about
  10. when did you have in mind? I could be up for it.
  11. wheel size is still 10" so 285 is fine. I have 285 30 18 on a set of rears for track use and they are considerably thinner walled but it doesn't matter for what I use them for. I have had 265 35 on a set before and while the fitted they were not ideal, didn't look stretched or anything but I wasn't 100% comfy with them. Now I have 295 35 18 on the rears and they are ideal and fill out nicely. 285 or 295 maybe 305 max but ideally 35 section. And if you look at Camskill there are a fair few tyres that will meet the spec but aren't michelin. Why people stick to a brand tyre is beyond me. plenty of other good stuff out there, often for a lot less. just checked and they do Toyo Prox T1s in 235 40 17, 285 35 18 and 295 35 18 for reasonable money. ps what does this mean 'illegal choice Bridgestone RE55S'
  12. ideal opportunity to have a glass fibre diffuser knocked up, something subtle and efficient to replace the weight of the exhaust with simple downforce.
  13. interesting stuff chaps, especially the mention of the blades scoring the turbine housing, Jeff has got the turbos now with 'clipped' blades to give a very slight gap to the inside of the housing to help prevent them 'pinging' off. Mine is modified thus as is at least one other unit. The downside is a tad more lag but if it means reliability well fine. As it is, if you keep it on boost, the power is there so I am not fretting. I cannot afford more turbos going pop, just had a new steering rack and a few other jobs done which is renewing the life of the car for another 100k or so. Dom ps I was under the impression that Marcus upped the rev limit by only about 100-150rpm? Correct me if I'm wrong...
  14. My own thoughts are that the Elise already has the 4pot, the Evora has the V6, so the Esprit MUST have the V8. You can have a reasonably small capacity V8 turbocharged to produce a decent dose of WHHHHOOOAAAAOOOOOOOOOOO! Just look at the 2004 Esprit or the S350. These are, effectively, detuned race engines. The engine was designed to be light weight and capable of lots more power. Emissions and the Renault tranny etc cut it all back to the 350hp the car has. I suspect the if the Government allowed concessions for green fuels, such as bio-ethanol, Lotus could make a small V8 with enormous power, such as the Exige 260 or whatever they called it. All it need is the ECU programmed correctly, the injectors, pumps, fuel tanks and lines made to cope with the slightly corrosive nature of the fuel and bobs your uncle. OK maybe one or two other mods but its not beyond the wit of Lotus Trouble is, the Guvvinment and Gordo the CRETIN are only interested in TAX RECEIPTS. >>>Which means they will ignore bio-ethanol and deal with crude oil fuels and tax them to death while slagging them off for being non green and deathly polluting. Lotus have to juggle the technology with the POLITICS! Its all unfair and completely nuts really.... If I was PM ...
  15. You're a lucky devil, Italo, it must be great being so close to Monza!! Good luck with the Seven thing, hope you get an Esprit one day, your work building it will come in handy when maintaining the Esprit ;-) Dom
  16. I suspect if the car is used regularly it wont rust but if it stays in the garage for long periods then it will. I can't see it being a problem, wish I could fit it myself but mine isn't tubular...
  17. Check your brakes to see if there is any pulling to one side, sign of a sticky piston in the caliper. Do you drive, er briskly? hot brakes will smell, mine do rather a lot... as does the clutch, tyres etc any oil dripping on hot surfaces is the obvious one of course. look for wet areas on the underside and drive or wisps of blue smoke. Also put your hand/cheek near the caliper after a run on both sides and see if one side is noticably hotter. It will heat the wheel up significantly more if its a stuck caliper
  18. I was wondering about the spate of blown turbo and while reading Practical Performance Car I had a little epiphany of sorts. I then posted this on PPC's own forum: 'Hello all, haven't posted much on this forum but as I'm a avid reader I thought I'd open this to a wider audience. Well, had a little epiphany of sorts. I was reading the Dave Walkers Tuning (my favourite) section this morning and it occurred to me that the reason so many turbos are blowing on our cars (4cyl Esprits) might just have found a solution. He mentions an R36 running higher than 'normal' boost with a Rotrax supercharger and the risks of pre ignition due to the spark plug running temps, ie the more power you run then you need a plug that runs cooler too. Got me thinking as we have a spate of blown turbos on 'chipped' and souped up 4 cylinders which we have been putting down to flexing of the turbo shaft clipping the edge of the housing hence losing a blade, smoke, loss of power, trip to specialist with a big bill. All to my knowledge run stock plugs. NGK EPR6EKN or something. I wondered if the problem was actually a spark plug losing its tip which when sent through the exhaust valves and down the pipes was actually causing the turbo to blow. Running on 3 cylinders would be not really noticeable because we simply pull over and get a low loader ride to the shop. Any suggestions, comments, laughter, piss taking welcome... I wonder whether I was just grasping at straws or investing in a cooler running Denso Iridium plug might be wise... Cheers Dom
  19. bugger. missed this. would have been nice to get the lowdown on my car and a lap or two to see if she is doing well where it counts...
  20. I have the no6 chip and whilst I have upgraded primary and secondaries I have the stock fuel pump. I have also changed the cc pump for an electric one so won't have to worry about impeller fins falling apart. Who supplies the upgraded fuel pump?
  21. DBredS4

    Lotus on the Ring

    What are you paying for entry, is it just lap tickets or are you booked in for a set amount of time? All in I suspect it could be a fairly costly thing to do, travel there, hotel, food, track cost, travel back. Not including petrol on track and wear and tear. This is what is stopping me from doing it, plus my insurance wouldn't have it I suspect and I have track cover included. Must chat to them about that. I can get free cover on 4 days per year with CCI but with recognised companies and within the UK. I am usually knackered getting to UK circuits so the drive to Germany would exhaust me. Still, its one of the things I think I should do before I depart this place...
  22. If you are use to 48's then you are already there as they are pretty much the dogs bo11ocks of track tyres, them and R888's, D01J's DZ02's etc Affectively, a brisk drive to warm them up on -not- cold tarmac and they become more responsive. Only way to see this is a couple of laps at a track while pushing the car into the corners really. This will increase the wear a lot though so start thinking about your wallet!
  23. [email protected] forgot to add the address of mr Opie...
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