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  1. I'll have to get back to you on that once I've had the car for a while. The V8 is definitely fun and changes the character of the car. The updated interior is nice also. Anyways, I could go down the list of obvious differences, but I need more seat time to offer any real perspective (I have to get used to this clutch for starters). Prior to this car, I've only driven a V8 Esprit once, and that was years ago. Nothing to do with how the car drives, but this car is in much nicer condition than my S4s, which is a driver with 40K miles on it. I definitely plan to drive the '03, but won't be piling on the miles.
  2. Thanks for the comments everyone. The car was delivered earlier today.
  3. Derik, It is a FE. The last five of the VIN are 10562. It has all the FE updates except the engine cover (the cover grating is different on the final editions, right?). The car spent its entire life in Arizona and has about 16K miles. The seller offered it for sale a couple times over the past few years, but i wasn't aware of it until recently. I assume that your avatar is a picture of your '04 and In my favorite color combination no less. Are you aware of any other final editions in that color combo? Your car isn't for sale is it? (Just joking! I'm pretty happy with my new purchase for now.) Regards, Gary
  4. I agree that Norfolk Yellow (mustard) is the best color. I'd love to find a final edition (or even an anniversary edition) in the color combo of my S4s (yellow + magnolia), but I'm not sure there is one here in the US, or at least one that is likely to become available. I suppose you could replace the black interior with magnolia (I know of a yellow '94 S4 with an aftermarket cream interior), but I'd much rather have an original car. As for the driving experience being more involved, I'm not sure that's always a positive. That sounds like a euphemism for "you have to work hard to keep the car in the power band".
  5. I've heard the same from others regarding this topic which is what made it a tough decision. At a minimum, I'll own both cars for a few months (the S4s needs work before it is ready to sell), so I'll have a chance to drive both for a while before I commit to selling the S4s.
  6. The S4s is 100% stock (US Spec) with the standard 17" S4s wheels. My first S4s came with Futuras which I've always loved (this is my second S4s). Ironically, I recently bought a set of V8/Euro S4s Futuras as well as a set of Lotus wheel arches intending to modify the car to Euro S4s spec. Since buying the '03, I've sold the Futuras and will be selling the wheel arches as well. If I do end up keeping the S4s, then I will keep it totally stock. Good idea offering it to my wife, but I've had little luck convincing her to learn to drive a stick shift car (one of her few faults;). Regards, Gary
  7. I thought I might as well follow up on this post. I decided to buy a V8 after all. It wasn't the '02 that I was looking at six months ago (which I passed on twice and both times later regretted it). Instead, I bought a late year '03 in midnight blue. I flew cross country (all the way cross country as I live in Massachusetts and the car is in Arizona) to check it out and complete the deal. Now I'm just waiting on the car to be delivered so that I can put it in the garage and look at it all winter until warm weather rolls around again. I will most likely be selling the S4s (Norfolk mustard with magnolia interior - not very common I think); although, I'm still trying to convince my wife that we should keep both. I'll probably lose that fight though. Here's a pic: Regards, Gary ps. Here's a picture of my S4s which I've owned since 2001:
  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. The '02 that was driving this question has been sold, so I'll put this on the back burner until I'm tempted by another example. Thanks Again, Gary
  9. Yeah, I know. I am just curious about others thoughts on this. Trading what could be considered the pinnacle of the 4 cyl. Esprit (not counting the Sport 300) for the improved performance and more modern looks of the '02.
  10. Help me out guys. I've owned my Norfolk Mustard S4s for about 10 years now. I love the car, and plan to always own an Esprit, whether it is this one or not. However, lately, I've been considering selling my S4s and buying a late model example. There have been a couple of '02s which have caught my eye recently. I'd welcome anyone's thoughts. Thanks, Gary
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