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  1. 🤣NHBC =No House Built Correctly
  2. When I have installed induction hobs, I have seen in the instructions that they are not recommended for people with pace makers, think this could be due to how they work, but this has normally been hidden in the installation instructions but not clearly displayed when being sold
  3. Have you considered hiring one to try it out, there are places that rent out VW's then you could get an idea if it would really work for you and your other half
  4. Where will you keep it, if on the drive, it can become and advert as to when you are away, we have a caravan and won't keep it at home for that reason.
  5. Fitted my own wood burner and liner myself, submitted a building notice to building control and they came out and signed it off for me, just had to carry out a smoke test for them when they came to check the installation. Sounds to me like the guy you got to quote is hoping to have you pay for his holiday.
  6. Very tidy white Excel heading away from Dunstable towards Markyate on A5 yesterday at getting on for 4 pm
  7. Thank you for your response, I did indeed tell them that I was unable to proceed with those conditions, they appear to be a broker and are recommended by the Federation of Master builders. They did say that they were able to provide other brands of the same van without v5 retention but at a higher price. They are quite open about the v5 retention as it is not hidden in their correspondence and is also referred to in their terms and conditions. I feel that the manufacturer is complicit in this and just appear to turn a blind eye. I have been to a couple of local main dealers but have come away less than impressed, being told by one that they couldn't order a new van as the manufacturer wasn't at that time taking new orders and desperately trying to sell me one they had in stock that wasn't the spec or colour that I wanted and the other basically only wanting to sell electric. Oh well, I will put a couple of tyres on my current van and run it a bit longer and keep looking.
  8. I have been looking to buy a new/pre reg van and the best price for what I am looking at is at a commercial van dealer, but the stipulate that they have to hold the v5 for the first 12 months wtf😒. I am a cash buyer so there is no finance involved. They are trying to tell me this is so I can't sell it on in the first year, but surely if I own it outright I should have full say of what happens to it and have the v5. I've currently walked away from the deal even though the company is deemed reputable Anyone else had this Regards Dan
  9. Costco👍and when it goes wrong, will deem it uneconomical to repair and give you your money back, crazy,
  10. One of my customers had bespoke Todd internal doors, I think they came from China and took the slow boat, but they were ok when they turned up but nothing special
  11. Hi, if you are engaging a builder to carry out the work extending the house forward, are the not able to recommend and fit. Fensa would not cover this as the door is going into a new location, I looked at joining Fensa but it was not worth it as most of my work is extensions and alterations so we submit a building notice to the local authority and fit under that.
  12. Kimbers, I feel your pain
  13. Hi Bibs, one thing to consider with a megaflow or equivalent is if you have enough water pressure and flow. As far as I am aware the water company's only have to supply 1bar of pressure, I don't know if there is a minimum flow rate. I know this because that's all my sister had and when everyone in her road used water in the morning her supply would drop to the point that when you turned on the downstairs tap the water would stop flowing upstairs. Assuming you have good pressure and flow rate an unvented cylinder is great, also worth thinking of getting one with an extra heating coil in it to enable solar thermal panels to be installed if your property is suitable, I'm cursing the fact that I was in a rush with my installation and didn't want to wait for a twin coil cylinder. A reputable heating engineer should be able to advise on all of that. Good luck with what you choose to do.
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