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  1. Hi, from memory there should be a spring clip that goes over the otter switch and flange,
  2. Hi, these handles can be repaired by carefully drilling out the plastic where the thread is and bonding in a rivnut insert
  3. Yet another government burden on small business owners. The people who come up with these schemes should try living in the real world. By the time you have tried to comply with all the red tape you have no time left to carry out you actual work. They assume that every business has a department to deal with their new ideas. Sorry I'm starting to rant, I'll get back to work
  4. Hi Peter, I have seen fuse holders where the part that holds the fuse has loosened where it is riveted through the Bakalite to the terminals where the wires attach, I would be checking this as it could be causing the resistance that is causing the holder to get hot. You could try disconnecting the wires at the rear and fitting a blade fuse behind as a test to see if you get the same symptoms. regards Dan
  5. Looks to me as if you remove the gear knob, then remove part 29 I can't tell from the picture whether it unscrews or pull out then just pull off the reverse tube.
  6. Hi John, the gearstick is a funny arangement it pushes on in the bottom of the chrome part is a rubber bush keywayed washer and spring clip, here are some pictures, yours won't have the split pin that is something I have added. hope this helps dan
  7. Hi John, I have both of those parts that are now spare as I don't use them on the race car, they are yours for beer money and postage, make an offer. They were working when removed regards Dan
  8. Hi, with regard to the bolts that hold the bonnet on they probably have nyloc nuts on the inside, you would have to access them by removing the headlights and going through the headlight pod, having had the bolts shake out without nyloc nuts on whilst travelling up the motorway resulting in the bonnet ejecting from the car I would not rely on just threading into the bobbin although it sounds like yours have been drilled out or stripped. Hope this helps regards Dan
  9. eclat22

    2-Eleven Hemel

    2-Eleven by Bury Road roundabout in Hemel Hempstead at about 2.30 this afternoon, looked realy cool
  10. I have to say if I came across that I would be going in the opposite direction, someone else could box it up! I always laugh at my labourers when they flap around when a wasp flys past but am getting fed up of getting stung for my bravado, not a game I want to play with snakes
  11. Hi, there is some info here including photos. From memory Gary Kemp talks about restrictor hole size being 2mm to 2.5mm I think I restricted my oil way to just under 2.5 mm on the race car but have only run the engine a few times and not in anger as it needs to go to Northampton Motorsport to be remapped. hope this helps regards Dan
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