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  1. I can't remember if this has been brought up on here, but could the rise in clots also be partly attributed to many people now working from home spending hours at a time on computers rather than getting up to speak to people in the office or sales reps that would go out and visit customers, it could just be a perfect storm of conditions combining to cause this.
  2. The drop links were supplied by Spyder who made the original lower front wishbone modification for me, I then carried out the Excel alteration after the trunnion snapping.the links are flat metal figure of 8 plate with cup washers welded both sides top and bottom.they bolt to the original mounting on the lower link and go through a hole in it to pick up the ARB the cups take the original ARB bushes from memory
  3. Hi Pete, the top wishbone links are rose jointed and adjustable for camber. The anti roll bar has a drop link from the lower wishbone, this is what helped when I broke the trunnion as the roll bar rubbed on the track rather than the bodywork, it just scuffed the cill and the wheel rattled around on the wheel arch.
  4. I've grafted the end of the Excel front lower link on to my Eclat ones this allows me to use the Toyota uprights and I've also got 310mm dia brake disks. I carried this work out after snapping a trunnion at Brands Hatch. I have to say the car still handled quite well with only 3 wheels and the ARB dragging on the track.
  5. Hi Clive you are probably right, it will most likely sit on my shelf indefinitely. If you would like it make me an offer, it's straight but could do with rubbing down and painting or powder coating. Regards Dan
  6. Hi I've just measured the channel holes centre to centre and it holds up 402mm which differs from the chassis details I have just posted. I have just lined it up with the one fitted to my S2 Eclat and it appears that it is the same so I believe that the chassis diagram is not correct. The spare one I have is from a S2 Eclat that I broke for spares for the race car so I know it's correct. Hope this helps
  7. Hi, I've got a diff reinforcement channel on the shelf, I can measure the cc of the holes as a comparison for you if you want. Re bolting the diff in tighten the front fixings first then the stud is shimmed to suit the chassis. I think it shows this in the workshop manual. With regards the diff cover, I would use non setting blue hylomar sealant on both surfaces, it allows for vibration. I know people say only apply to one side to allow easy removal, but how often do you intend on removing the cover? Ideally never once you have it fitted. Regards Dan
  8. Hi, do you have the brace bar that goes between the two long studs that the diff bolts on to, this is a strengthening part that was fitted to the later cars. Otherwise looking very smart
  9. Unfortunately I believe it is both
  10. Hi, sorry to hear that, that means that the front bearing seal has gone this commonly happens when the cars have not been run for quite some time. The pump will want rebuilding, kits are available from the usual suspects SJ and Lotusbits etc or you can send it off to be refurbished. They aren't available new AFAIK. Good luck Regards Dan
  11. Personally, I am now even more resolved to avoid purchasing anything French or produced by a French owned company, my wife currently has a Vauxhall which I am shortly looking to replace for her, the replacement won't be anything French.
  12. Well done, it's always a result to finish and 3rd in class👍.
  13. Probably given to a newly qualified BCO to look at in the office, they are dangerous, no experience and have normally swallowed the book!. Can cost people a lot of money
  14. Hi, who has told you you need to have a structural engineer to design the footings, we normally bridge gaps of that size with 150x100 pre cast lintels or excavate the foundation to match the depth of the foundations on the rest of the garage, but does seem over the top
  15. So you are talking about where the trunnions are bolted to the lower link. I believe it should pivot between the bush and the bush sleeve, if this pinches up tighter when the bolt is torqued up has the bush washer been caught between the sleeve and lower link? When new I would expect this to be tight as I would assume you needed to squeeze the sleeve in. I was originally thinking you was talking about the steering motion of the trunnions
  16. Hi, when you say you have greased everything up does that include the trunnions? There is a thought that trunnions should be filled with ep90 oil from memory and when new should be nice and snug unless the uprights thread has corroded and warn,
  17. Yes, that's right, that's what I was thinking. It's a small world in Lotus circles 😃
  18. Did you live in Longdean park for a while by any chance? I lived in Hemel until I was 21
  19. I used edpm roofing rubber to make a new diaphragm for my Discovery after the original one failed and I found myself as good as sitting on the floor 😆. It's hand as I have offcuts from work and it can be layered up using rubber contact adhesive.
  20. Sad news, Murray Walker has died today. RIP Murray, you will always be remembered as the voice of motorsport
  21. Good luck with the new car and race series Paul. That is one of my favourite colour combinations, similar to the colour of Lotus I used to race.
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