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  1. Feeling rather dejected, went on holiday the day of registration for tickets, was nice, but 12 days of no Internet access. Was hoping to get tickets on return to bring the Eclat back home. This event sounds like it's getting better and better, ho hum! Have a great day and hope it goes above and beyond expectations. I'll look forward to the pics All the best Dan
  2. Why wait a few hours, the sooner the better
  3. As the title says, Blue Evora 400 travelling over Ivinghoe Beacon this morning around 8am unfortunatly due to traffic I could not hear him use the loud pedal properly
  4. Ha! With any luck they will launch it off the edge. With the original i gather that this was quite likely until they added the rear flick to the boot.
  5. I presume you have put fresh fuel in John, but it certainly sounds like a fuel issue if it fires and runs on easystart. Was the tank drained? regards Dan
  6. I was having trouble trying to get the correct house insurance for my house while I carry out selfbuild work on it, I was put in contact with who were able to put me in contact with a specialist broker, the resultant insurance is what I was after at a price that was hardly any dearer than if I was not carrying out the work. Biba are British insurance brokers association and can be contacted on 03709501790 regards Dan
  7. Hi John, I think you might have to release the slave cylinder retaining clips from behind the back plate, this would allow you to jiggle it away from the hand brake lever from memory, I seem to recal this was a pita! regards Dan
  8. Nice to see two Lotus at the Priory Gardens car show in Dunstable, didn't speak to the owners as I was only there for a short time due to other commitments. Also stopped and watched the truck convoy come through in aid of Help for Heroes. Some of the Skip and grab lorries look like they have never been near a building site.
  9. I always think of it as the "isopon cup"
  10. Is he now an ex window cleaner? Or has he been re educated!
  11. Cut them off from the under side and replace with Socket cap screws
  12. This is Tia, she's cross boarder collie and springer spaniel, or half mad and half stupid! But we love her, gets away with murder.
  13. Surely Chris you were at the right place when it happened, could of just left it there! Lol hope you get it sorted easily regards Dan
  14. Toe can be adjusted front and rear, although rear adjustment is not easy. You have to shim the front radius mount bush but it is quite limited, I've set the race car up using string lines and a tape measure and camber/caster gauge. Takes a little while but it is a tried and tested way of doing it
  15. Re chassis it, time consuming and always end up thinking well whilst I'm doing this ill just sort that out as well, but once done you would have a great and rare long term keeper. Ideally best option is to build up a new chassis fitting it out with new/refurbished parts then move a nice freshly painted body onto it, but it does depend on your spanner skills just my thoughts best of luck Dan
  16. Meriva B alternator, I think they built the car around it! As per usual now having done one I'd do it a lot quicker next time.
  17. Have you got the isolator fitted to the gearbox where the clutch cable sleeve locates?
  18. My s2 Eclat rear brakes were the same 1 flexi to one side and a link out of the bled screw appature across to the other side and then a link to a remote bleed screw on the diff frame.
  19. As the title says today at about 16 10 going through Deerleap in Ashridge towards Nettleden. Looked very smart,
  20. Mike, Do you have an oil cooler? If so can you disconnect it and prime the oil pump by pouring oil in through one of the hoses Hope the picture helps regards Dan
  21. Hi Clive, no this is not a standard, I converted it to reduce weight as I was racing the car before having kids. It has been through its MOT with this modification. These are a couple of photos of the car with the enclosed headlights. Dan
  22. Hi David, glad you got it sorted, I'm sure in the past I gave the original induction pipe that I had to Mike at Lotusbits along with other bits that I no longer had use of, he has always helped me out going back to before he started Lotusbits full time.
  23. Hi David, I took a picture of what I use for the induction pipe for you, it is not the same as the insulated original pipe but is available from various outlets SJ sports cars list induction pipe, not cheap and I'm note sure if it is the right one, if interested you would have to speak to Steve there to find out if it is suitable. if you want more info on the one I use let me know and I'll point you in the right direction regards Dan
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