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  1. Mike, Do you have an oil cooler? If so can you disconnect it and prime the oil pump by pouring oil in through one of the hoses Hope the picture helps regards Dan
  2. Hi Clive, no this is not a standard, I converted it to reduce weight as I was racing the car before having kids. It has been through its MOT with this modification. These are a couple of photos of the car with the enclosed headlights. Dan
  3. Hi David, glad you got it sorted, I'm sure in the past I gave the original induction pipe that I had to Mike at Lotusbits along with other bits that I no longer had use of, he has always helped me out going back to before he started Lotusbits full time.
  4. Hi David, I took a picture of what I use for the induction pipe for you, it is not the same as the insulated original pipe but is available from various outlets SJ sports cars list induction pipe, not cheap and I'm note sure if it is the right one, if interested you would have to speak to Steve there to find out if it is suitable. if you want more info on the one I use let me know and I'll point you in the right direction regards Dan
  5. As the above said, you could also look at spydercars they can repair the chassis, I had them carry out extra strengthens to my chassis for racing. They no longer list anything Elite Éclat but you could try speaking to Andy Widnall regards Dan i
  6. Hi Dave, it bolts in with two bolts either side roughly in line with the bonnet pivot bolts from memory. I think that there are two holes in the inner wing on both sides The induction hose goes the engine side not the rad side. The 4th image shows drivers side where the wiring loom fixed to the inner wing goes through where it is bolted in place. hope this helps Dan
  7. Hi Dave, I think you are right looks like the central cutout one would be the correct one. I'll try and get the photo of the bracket that holds the induction trunking to it at the weekend although if you think of a rainwater pipe clip in metal, this is probably the best way I can describe it regards Dan
  8. These are the panels that the induction hose is clamped to
  9. Hi Dave, there should be a fibreglass deflector that goes across the engine bay between the rad and engine which is moulded to take the induction hose it has a metal u clamp that bolts to it which holds the end of the pipe and finisher. I have got a couple of these from memory at my dads house, if I get a chance I can get one and photograph it for you if you would like. regards Dan
  10. I have a feeling that if the seller hasn't got a link to the now defunct "London Lotus Centre" he must have got them from a guy who has. There have been Lotus cars for sale on and off from that area for as long as I can remember, I heard that it was possibly the son of one of their employees from years ago. A friend of mine went to look at one of the cars years ago, but didn't buy one, eventually bought a used Elise from Strattons
  11. I'm sure this is the place that had an Excel and Esprit for sale last year, both restoration projects.
  12. Hi David, email sent let me know if you do not receive it dan
  13. This one is for sale, if you are interested make me an offer. regards Dan
  14. Well according to the bottle on the shelf, I have been using valvoline synopses 75w90 TDL fully synthetic gear oil. This from memory has worked well in the gearbox, bearing in mind that the car is a race car and unfortunately has been mothballed for the last 5 years due to house move and blown up engine, but when going the gearbox has been well abused with no ill effects. Funnily enough, I do use ATF dexos II in my Disco R380 Gearbox, this is recommended by Ashcroft Engineering who's business is rebuilding them. As Dunc implys there seems to be no definitive answer regards Dan
  15. Hi, yes this sounds like it could be the oil, I have used various oils. Originally, I put ep90 in, this gave the symptoms you describe, I inadvertently read the instructions for the series 1 gearbox. this is a copy of the notes on lubrication from the Éclat 2.2 handbook with the Getrag box. This shows Lotus recommended 20w50 oil in the transmission , the same as what it recommended for the engine. I will go to the shed later to see what I am currently using as of the top of my head I can't remember regards Dan
  16. Hi that sounds like a real pain, the problem I see, if the Crims have carried out a serious crime then the cloned plates or the van will have been disposed of only leaving you van to keep getting pulled. The crime will stay on record along with the marker on your van indefinitely. Changing you plate may be the only way to prevent this. hope this gets sorted for you asap regards Dan
  17. Hi have a look at this link it lists various codes for Essex blue, one in particular A34 dark blue (Essex) i can't believe how many codes there are! regards Dan
  18. Hi Peter, is part of the problem that there are various Lotus Essex blues, I had a similar problem when trying to match the Essex Blue on my S2.2 Éclat years ago before I repainted it . regards Dan
  19. Hi Mark have a look at Hope this helps Dan
  20. Hi Mark, I think You could make these up from the following parts, a male to male bulkhead adaptor, female to female connector, locknut for bulkhead adaptor and a bleed nipple to go into the female connector, these are all available from Demon Tweeks, but can probably be sourced cheaper else where
  21. Thought I'd post a couple of pics of my garage, I've built this over the last couple of years whilst extending the rest of the house in my spare time, really just needs the floor painting and and the recovery of my ramp. ive built it so I can keep my car trailer stored in the roof space. Regards Dan
  22. I hope visit about lunchtime, I'm at Silverstone for the AMOC race meeting.
  23. Funnily enough, I was going to say that I had seen some held in place with lock wire, functional but not pretty.
  24. It should have a spring clip as per this picture the grommet goes in the hole followed by the switch then the spring clip goes over the switch and clips onto the lug the the switch is in, you can then fit the wires Hope this helps Dan
  25. Ceratec brake grease to the back of the pads and mounting contact areas could help assuming it's not the brake pad compound
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