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  1. Not sure about Elite s1 but on the Éclat s2 there are relays mounted behind the right hand footwell cover on in the drivers footwell.. Hope this helps regards Dan
  2. How many of these buildings were inspected by Local Authority building inspectors? I Know from talking to my local building inspectors whom I have had dealings with for many years that they have to submit tenders to get the contract to inspect these type of projects. You are not obliged to use Local Authority Building inspectors, you can contract in independent inspectors to carry out the checks. I also know from talking to some of my local inspectors that they have not won the contract because they are more stringent about what they will allow. regards Dan
  3. Dan, you mention the killer of Jo Cox and the bloke in Norway, I see a big difference between these attacks and the ones in Manchester and London, whilst both being abhorrent The killers of Jo Cox and the people in Norway were individual scum working alone afaik. The terrorists that attacked in Manchester and London appear to be groups of people with networks of others behind them, dare I say organised and orchestrated and certainly appears to be happening far more often. I myself am glad that these latest terrorists were killed, you can be sure that had they survived they would have a army of lawyers and solicitors to defend them at our expense and would tell us nothing and hide behind the human rights that they wish to deny others..
  4. Hi, I think this is what you might be after, not cheap though Hope it helps Dan
  5. I've always used in Luton for balancing props and making specials for the race car. You could give them a call.
  6. Looking good Luke, glad all is going well. Have you got anywhere nearer to updating the brakes on the front? All the best Dan
  7. Where I live there is a blanket 20mph limit apart from the two main roads that cross the town. I know plenty of people who have been on speed awareness courses as a result of driving above about 25mph past one of the many cameras around town. I struggle to understand how our council Central Bedfordshire who consulted on this blanket reduction in the speed limits can force it on only one town under its control.
  8. Glad it's worked out for you Barry, I think what ever you drink this weekend will taste even better regards Dan
  9. Hi Chris, this I a post from from someone who went to view the car about a month ago Hope this is of interest regards Dan
  10. The black plastic grip does indeed pull off, try twisting and pulling at simultaneously
  11. Hi Chris, she sounds like she or should I say Dads cabs are going to be very busy! Congratulations and good luck to her. regards Dan
  12. Glad for you John, look forward to hearing more Lotusrescue news on your return regards Dan
  13. Thanks Chris, that sounds like a character building experience, I'll bet they needed a change of trousers after that. hope to catch up soon Dan
  14. Hi Chris, you got me wondering about Glider 566 so I did a little search and turned up this photo So possibly still around. hope to see you at the next meet dan on closer inspection of the photos it appears that they are different gliders with the same number, I'll keep looking
  15. Found this sales brochure in my collection and thought it relevant to this breakfast meet. If we go back to the London Gliding Club again, might be able to recreate this pic . regards Dan
  16. Found a couple of pics. Same car, same corner, different day. Murrays at Snetterton.
  17. Hi could you add me to the pm list please thanks Dan
  18. Just wanted to say thank you to Chris for organising this, it's the first of these gatherings I have been to and it was really good meeting fellow Lotus enthusiasts. Hopefully the next meeting will have more favourable weather. I look forward to meeting you all again. regards Dan
  19. Hi Barry, I thought you might know of some rotten discos down your way most farms seem to have one rooting away, hopefully with some very nice door handles on them. If it does not work out, the handle I have will be on a shelf in the shed, message me and we'll sort something out. Dan
  20. Hi Barry, this is the handle I have spare, I would keep the lock barrel out of it but you can make me an offer on the rest of it if interested. The second picture is a Discovery 300tdi one on my Disco that appears to be the same, although I cannot see the inside mechanism on it, it might be worth investigating the Disco route you might get an immaculate pair that require no refurbishment. ps Black bumpers and mirrors on these car looks far superior imho. Regards Dan
  21. Hi Barry, glad we're not going to have to wait long for your next saga! I've enjoyed reading about your now departed v8.The new car looks like a nice find. I have got a spare drivers side door handle, but it would require repainting or powder coating as the finish is showing its age.let me know if this is of interest and I will post a picture of it. Good luck with the new car Regards Dan
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