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  1. Unfortunately I believe it is both
  2. Hi, sorry to hear that, that means that the front bearing seal has gone this commonly happens when the cars have not been run for quite some time. The pump will want rebuilding, kits are available from the usual suspects SJ and Lotusbits etc or you can send it off to be refurbished. They aren't available new AFAIK. Good luck Regards Dan
  3. Personally, I am now even more resolved to avoid purchasing anything French or produced by a French owned company, my wife currently has a Vauxhall which I am shortly looking to replace for her, the replacement won't be anything French.
  4. Well done, it's always a result to finish and 3rd in classπŸ‘.
  5. Probably given to a newly qualified BCO to look at in the office, they are dangerous, no experience and have normally swallowed the book!. Can cost people a lot of money
  6. Hi, who has told you you need to have a structural engineer to design the footings, we normally bridge gaps of that size with 150x100 pre cast lintels or excavate the foundation to match the depth of the foundations on the rest of the garage, but does seem over the top
  7. So you are talking about where the trunnions are bolted to the lower link. I believe it should pivot between the bush and the bush sleeve, if this pinches up tighter when the bolt is torqued up has the bush washer been caught between the sleeve and lower link? When new I would expect this to be tight as I would assume you needed to squeeze the sleeve in. I was originally thinking you was talking about the steering motion of the trunnions
  8. Hi, when you say you have greased everything up does that include the trunnions? There is a thought that trunnions should be filled with ep90 oil from memory and when new should be nice and snug unless the uprights thread has corroded and warn,
  9. Yes, that's right, that's what I was thinking. It's a small world in Lotus circles πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Did you live in Longdean park for a while by any chance? I lived in Hemel until I was 21
  11. I used edpm roofing rubber to make a new diaphragm for my Discovery after the original one failed and I found myself as good as sitting on the floor πŸ˜†. It's hand as I have offcuts from work and it can be layered up using rubber contact adhesive.
  12. Sad news, Murray Walker has died today. RIP Murray, you will always be remembered as the voice of motorsport
  13. Good luck with the new car and race series Paul. That is one of my favourite colour combinations, similar to the colour of Lotus I used to race.
  14. Hi, I used to use Hawk Ferro carbon pads in my Eclat2.2 for racing. These proved very effective. I tried ebc pads but melted them in 5 laps of Mallory park. I subsequently fitted a PNM brake upgrade that was vented disks with alloy wilwood calipers, this was supposed to be a direct fit but required a minor modification and 10mm spacer to fit behind the 14" wheels. Eventually I fitted Excel Toyota uprights and the lotusbits 310mm vented discs and Hispec calipers with 15" Excel wheels
  16. Have to agree with C8RKH re fitters, you really need a good fitter, they make all the difference. I've always done my own as it's part of my trade, with regards worktops and appliances, I tend to shop around away from the company's that supply the cabinets. The likes of Magnet Howdens etc sub out the worktops and add their bit, I use a local company Marble and Granite in Luton for quartz etc they were cheaper and I was very impressed with the fitter they use. I've now used them on various occasions
  17. Hi, I've used a few times, and had customers who have purchased them for me to fit. I like the quality of them, I find them better than Magnet, Howdens,Benchmark etc all of whom I have accounts with. They were cheaper than the usual suspects and come with the feet bosses fixed ready to just push the adjustable part on and also come with the doors fitted so you don't end up with holes all over the cupboard that aren't used. The carcasses can be selected in many colours. The website takes a bit of getting used to and you have to design the kitchen layout yourself. On the couple of occasions that there has been missing parts or damage this has been rectified promptly. Have a look at them and have a look at their reviews online. Hope this helps
  18. eclat22

    Was it Chris J

    The reg from memory was G..LEW. I feel like I've seen this reg before.
  19. eclat22

    Was it Chris J

    Hi, white Excel at about 3pm today travelling over Ivinghoe Beacon main rd.towards Dunstable
  20. They look like they go around the wheel arches, but I could be very wrong
  21. Light blue Excel going away from Dunstable just after the London Gliding Club on 6th Jan about 3 pm
  22. Looks like Mercedes are dressing him as a test muleπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  23. The race car is an S2 so came with the Getrag from the factory and I assume a Lotus Getrag specific bell housing. I like the Getrag but have to admit to not having driven a car with the Lotus Maxi box. With the right gear oil in it it is slick and nice to use, and well used when being raced.there appears to be similar Getrag boxes in certain Jags of the same era that could potentially be used but you would still need the bell housing or possibly and adapter making. Possibly Lotusbits might have the parts but I doubt it would be cheap and then there would be the shipping. Sorry I can't help more Dan
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