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  1. MB did this to a friend of mine during COVID for his company car, all they said they could do was supply a car of lesser spec for more money. It was on order before COVID, then waylayed because of COVID and then canceled. He didn't seem to have a problem getting a BMW instead.
  2. Good luck Paul, you will love Spa, my last race was there almost 10 years ago, it was a 1 hr race with driver change so similar to what you are doing. Regards Dan
  3. eclat22

    Formula One

    I thought touring car drivers used bumpers for that
  4. Not so fussed about the cold but do like the ability to shut the roller door down and leave the tools out. Most of the cars I work on are 25yrs old or more, currently recommissioning a Vauxhall Nova 1.2 GL that has been in hibernation for 20 years, surprised at the number of people who have commented on passing when I have the door open that they learnt to drive in one.
  5. I have to admire Sparky carrying out all this on the drive, I have to admit my commitment to working on my car's is not what it used to be even in my garage.
  6. Have you tried easystart? If it turns over and runs with easystart it's a fuel issue, if it doesn't fire with easystart it's more than likely an electronic problem. Sometimes the easystart will get things going and that helps pull fuel through
  7. When at home, I have an electric blow heater that I put in van for 5 minutes to heat the cab up and de ice it before leaving for work.
  8. Hi Marc, have you tried talking to Polybush, they were very helpful when I was getting bushes for my Eclat racecar
  9. Yep, Think Automotive every time
  10. They look like BMW boxes, you would need a bell housing or adaptor to fit it to the engine and custom propshaft, the issue could be bolting up the propshaft to gearbox the Lotus Getrag 265 boxes propshaft slides onto the box rather than being bolted.
  11. Don't go there, I had a planning office tell me he didn't like loft conversions so he would never approve them😠
  12. Very easy to work on and a few small bits of rust, corners of the doors on the outside skin, inner looks very good, bottom front corner of near side rear wing, again inner part is still very good and the battery tray area has corroded so would leak into drivers footwell, I sealed it up so no water ingress when I cleaned it but you can buy a panel to replace it🙂. From searching there are only 8 GL models left on the road in the UK. I'm doing this up for my eldest daughter to learn to drive in.
  13. Just rescued this from going to the fire brigade to be practiced on. 1 owner from new only 36000 miles and just parked up in a garage from 2002. Just going to give it a clean and good service new tyres and it should hopefully go through an MOT.
  14. Has the tank been repainted at some time? Has the paint bonded it where it sits on the grp. From memory you have done all that is required to remove it. Is it possible that it has rusted to the sound deadening material that from memory is on it.put a spreader in the boot and try prying the tank upwards carefully
  15. No engine management light comes on and the lack of a cat has never been mentioned at the MOT centre that I use. The van is a 2005 Scudo Jtd
  16. I had the cat cut off my van back in 2013, this was the night before I had its MOT booked. Had to fit an aftermarket one in a hurry to get it MOTd and then removed it and fitted a straight through piece of pipe, it's gone through its MOT like this ever since passing it's emission test every time
  17. If Lotus are holding the deposits, will that mean you will have a contract with Lotus themselves rather than the dealer and therefore direct liability for any issues etc.
  18. Hi John, the show sounds great, but I have a feeling those dates won't work for us as I believe that is possibly still during school time, my wife works in a school and is only able to have time off during the school holidays. I won't write it off just yet as it is possible that she won't be working in a school next year. Your offer of secure storage to enable us to tour a lot easier is much appreciated. Thanks again Regards Dan
  19. Hi John, hope your trip to pick up the m100 went well. I could be interested in a trip to Scotland but would have to tow the race car as it's currently not road legal. It would also depend upon when the show is and my work commitments and if I could combine it with a bit of tourism whilst I'm there, my wife has always wanted to go to Scotland. Let me know when and where and I'll think about it. Regards Dan
  20. You could try they might be able to help, they are a supplier to Motorsport teams and clubmen racers etc. Usually very helpful based by the main entrance to Silverstone last time I used them but have possibly moved to a new unit
  21. Heading towards Tring, looking very good, I was in work van going in the opposite direction
  22. Edpm rubber, can be bonded in layers, it's what I made a new diaphragm for my Discovery driver's seat when I suddenly found myself sitting on the floor😆
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