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  1. Here's a link to the PNM brake kit PNMJ8975K Lotus Eclat 266mm Wilwood Big Brake Kit (
  2. Would a full or empty fuel tank make much difference? I'd guess that with an empty tank it would be higher at the rear, but I don't know how much.
  3. Not an Elite, I know, but on a late Excel the compressor appears to be a Sanden SD508 with twin grove pulley and take-offs at the rear (You can get side take-offs and multiple pulley arrangements).
  4. Angus, The total length, centre hole to centre hole, is 500mm. Total length, end to end, is 520mm Compressed is 285mm, centre hole to centre hole. However stroke is 210mm, but if you include one end that's another 10mm, i.e. 230mm, closer to your number of 237. Tony
  5. Not sure if the Elite uses the same as my Excel, but the I fitted a Range Rover Classic upper tailgate strut. It's a straight replacement (MXC7833). £12.50 for two, including postage from ‘JGS 4X4’.
  6. I've heard of people using a hair dryer to warm the plastic strip, bend it appropriately, and then hold it in place with masking tape. Leave it over night to cool and set into the right shape, then remove the masking tape and stick it on with glue. I've not done this myself!
  7. There is no cat on engines with carbs, which includes the Elite/Eclat/Excel.
  8. I don't change the belt every two years. I check the tension, but so far it's not needed any adjustment. On my 1992 Excel the tensioner is a simple ball bearing, not the earlier spring loader automatic tensioner. Tony
  9. Wasn't the Gates Blue Belt an USA standard fitment, since US (Californian?) law says the belt must last 100,000 miles before needing to be changed? I fitted a Gates Racing blue belt to my Excel some years ago. Can't you supply the belt to this Mr Foulds?
  10. The series 2 is usually considered to be much better than the earlier models. The series 2 has a galvanised chassis, Getrag gearbox, bigger engine that improves low down torque, electric headlamp lift motors. The early chassis models rust between the rear suspension turrets. Very hard to spot, even when up on a ramp. A replacement chassis is required - very expensive to fit. The early Lotus gearbox usually gives severe problems, since it was not up to taking the engine's power. The Getrag is tough and much better. If I were to be considering an Elite (I have an Excel, so I'm hap
  11. When your screen was fitted did they place plastic spacers at the bottom? If not you may find that over a year or two the screen gradually slides down leaving a gap at the top... as happened to me the first time I had the screen replaced. The second replacement, fitted with spacers, has stayed water tight for 10 years now. Tony
  12. Not sure if they are the same as on my Excel...but if there is a nylon roller and an indent on the curved hinge, I found making the indent just a little bit larger using a small round file, worked. This was after I spend about two years trying everything else.
  13. Brian, In the workshop manual for the 1989 model year the low fuel delay unit has: B (Black): earth G (Green): 12v supply GO (Green& orange): to fuel tank sender LGO (Light green & orange): To choke switch. The choke switch has the LGO from the fuel delay spliced with the WU (white & blue) wire that goes to the choke/low fuel warning lamp. The B (black from the choke switch goes to earth. Tony
  14. Just to support Pete's comment above, my '92 SE, with a twin tank has the coolant level sensor fitted.
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