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  1. If anyone wants to write in about that tree, its the one next to the yellow snow.
  2. I have full trust in you mate, sh**ing bricks but wow those images made me shake! How much transmission oil was left?
  3. HI Sorry I haven't been around, but my shop is at: Unit 3 Imberhorne way, East Grinstead RH19 1RL 01342 323494. The web site is under constuction and should be up and running soon. With over 10,000 parts its taking a little time to sort. Thanks Andrew, its always a pleasure to help. I also have yet an other company upstairs where we do Spinning classes, also rent out the hall for £25 per hr. I'm selling the Lotus, I have got to get the gear box seal sorted and then the price will be £11,500 but as it stands right now its £9,000 This is the cost of the new parts plus labour and a little more taken off. Hope to see you soon Garry..
  4. The way the motion blur is going, it looks like the car is rolling backwards.
  5. No just kicked them for fun and hit a couple with his car.
  6. You do realize, this means missing Matt in the costume..Shame...
  7. Can't see a time for the meeting and the sitting down for food. As I work until 7pm can this be aimed for about 7-30pm meeting up and 8-ish for food time?
  9. Don't laugh... no don't...
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