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  1. i gave you thumbs up and a wave ,i was white van man
  2. nigeninja

    Evora 400 NEC

    Black Evora 400 in car park at collectors fair today
  3. to quote the web site, yes well behaved dogs
  4. Yup i will be there on the LDC stand/display
  5. As there's not many takers on here and my fav car is already above the orange esprit i thought i would put my second fav car which is this beautiful pearl white Europa SE , i wonder who the lucky owner was
  6. Sylvia Anderson had a plus 2 elan
  7. nigeninja

    Orange Elise

    At about 3.00pm ish trinity road between planters and Kingsbury
  8. Yup we saw it and just b4 we got to it a Marshall picked it up
  9. Shame about the record,but as someone has already said we never got the instruction,but at the end of the day it was still brilliant to go round the track with that many lotus cars. I fact not getting the record is not worth a mention,the rest of the day was OUTSTANDING and AWESOME one very happy TLF'er
  10. Awesome day,big thanks to Andy and who ever else was involved in organizing the event ,again an awesome day
  11. Red stevens Esprit around Gt barr 'ish B44 'ish
  12. how is the parking at Dunston hall , will we all be able to park and drive away when we want without having to find that person who has not parked in a space and blocked me in
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