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  1. take your camera to Oulton, even if your not a photography person, cos you can get close , i love it for taking pics that's one of the reasons i go. Oh and have a look on a good old fashion map book before you go cos the sav nav tries to take you down some small narrow lanes which you dont need to go down
  2. but I assume you could at least move around the track unlike the unnecessary restrictions of Silverstone Oulton park next probably the best spectator circuit around
  3. yup was at Oulton Park a few weeks ago for BSB and at Donington a week later for World super bikes
  4. Nice one mate you get every where LOL
  5. Great weekend , i will be there for the 3 days with LDC
  6. Coming out of the Dosthill garage at around 11.00am
  7. followed from Lichfield to Muckley corner to Brownhills and then you turned right at traffic lights
  8. nigeninja

    Orange Elise

    coming from Alrewas towards Tamworth , i flash my lights
  9. marmite on crumpets , lovely 😁
  10. Nice yellow Evora just coming out of the garage on Muckly corner roundabout :)
  11. pretending they are race car drivers 🤣 😂,bless him
  12. Wow i missed this thread,and its right up my street try the Liebherr digger fully functional 4x electric and controllable from you phone 😀 part of my man cave
  13. Oh good god who in there right mind painted it white , red mate all the way
  14. ha ha i will keep trying then 🤣🤣
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