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  1. Opps just found out the wife has got other plans for me ,so its a no show for me
  2. We are going out Wednesday mid day
  3. I think I need to break the monotony of Esprit's cos they are rather common 12 nige
  4. Just seen this thread and only read the last page,but ive just got over Hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer). 12 months of chemo, 3 separate 7 day stays in hospital during that 12 months for complications, not good and would not wish it on my worse enemy. Anyway while your down there checking your self, check for lumps around groin and under your arm pits, although i never had either of them in those places, i had two very small lumps on my neck and shoulder,really just like a small cysts under the skin. I was as fit as a fiddle no signs that anything was wrong, so yes pays to check and
  5. as you said arrived today,thanks very much mate
  6. hello bibs all this talk of being out of stock , does that mean you have posted mine out cos not received anything yet. soz if panicking a bit early
  7. Yes but surely you can feel the love from us guys , who can put a price on that paid with thanks
  8. can i just clarify this,even though im on the list you want us all to order direct and not get from you,this this correct
  9. Its always best to buy the salvage back , i brought mine back for £3000.00 and sold it on for 6000.00 and it had an agreed value so got that on top,win win apart from rather it had not happened in the first place Also mine had the old needs to be garaged at nights,but rang them cos i knew it would be not park in my garage and miles away from my house for two nights and they was ok with that,I took the dudes name just in case
  10. was it some sort of Europa/Esprit anniversary,bit late now but we should have had a parking area for Europa's only
  11. Here is the black Evora 400 driven by Tiff Needell with me as a passenger
  12. just one of those properly dumb questions but its one ticket per person and not one ticket per Lotus !!
  13. Hello chum

    I ordered 3 tickets , which i got but only 1 hanger,the other two tickets are for Ade GT3 and his wife who's coming down in the Evora,so two more hangers would be good please.

    If you are going to send me two more hangers hang fire for a bit because i might need to order another ticket for her in doors, if she decides that she wants to come along that is ;) 

    best regards





  14. When i tried to order tickets , went to Already Registered put in email and password both got a green tick, but still got there is 1 error,tried to just fill in all details but then got error this email already used. Help please
  15. If i buy 2 tickets now(cos looks like the 500 have gone ) is the parking still a Lotus only car parking area
  16. apart from tomoz Ive just found out I cant make it
  17. have you never been to the breakfast meet mate,cos there is always a orange Esprit and a canyon red Europa s there
  18. One of many, A damp wet day at the GT championship at Silverstone last week end
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