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  1. not very good pics but i lost my camera in the crash
  2. I will be coming from Tamworth so A5 lutterworth A14 Cambridge then is it A11 Thetford and on,coming down friday at what ever time suits
  3. Sorry guys only just seen these , had no notification that someone had replied until today just now from Darrylv8. So to answer your question mate A BIG FAT YES ,got a ice white(pearl white)Europa SE ,and its only the first ever SE off the production line , bloody result i think
  4. Thanks Stuart i know and i will , just as this was second choice from Kimbers place to stay list, i thought there would be more people saying they are booked in,oh well time to bust into song All by myself Don't wanna be, all by myself anymore All by myself Don't wanna live, all by myself anymore 😁
  5. Wot no Europa SE , how very dare you dear boy , im sorry but there's no way i can put my super gorgeous beautiful stunning lovely sexy yes even sexy down in the category as a Europa S , its just not cricket
  6. so is this how it works are we saying yes to a room at Dunston on this thread,if so yes to a room at Dunston plz
  7. Pick this little beauty up today to replace the one that was written off by white van man, super rare europa SE number one of 50
  8. Looking for a Europa S or SE to replace my now dead and gone to the grave yard in the sky Europa S any considered regards nige 07827445341
  9. i know Gary i cant believe it , the van driver just drove into the back of me ,which pushed me passed and in front of Ade and thats how Ade got involved we are both innocent party's Yup to answer all your concerns we are both ok
  10. As someone has said Gaydon would be good ,plenty of space and museum is always worth a look, oh and nice and central
  11. Opps just found out the wife has got other plans for me ,so its a no show for me
  12. We are going out Wednesday mid day
  13. I think I need to break the monotony of Esprit's cos they are rather common 12 nige
  14. Just seen this thread and only read the last page,but ive just got over Hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer). 12 months of chemo, 3 separate 7 day stays in hospital during that 12 months for complications, not good and would not wish it on my worse enemy. Anyway while your down there checking your self, check for lumps around groin and under your arm pits, although i never had either of them in those places, i had two very small lumps on my neck and shoulder,really just like a small cysts under the skin. I was as fit as a fiddle no signs that anything was wrong, so yes pays to check and get to the docs ASAP
  15. as you said arrived today,thanks very much mate
  16. hello bibs all this talk of being out of stock , does that mean you have posted mine out cos not received anything yet. soz if panicking a bit early
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