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  1. what's that on the end ,Lotus prototype van
  2. did not fix my car did not wanna know when it went wrong,just thought I would give the other side instead of the rose tinted specs views
  3. Tamiya re released most of the cars,that was one of the reasons I stopped collecting. I used to spend hours trying to find parts for a certain cars to make a complete car or even as in the case of the Hotshot 2 which I scratch built buying brand new bits of the net,only to find 6 months down the line Tamiya was going to re release it. Hotshot , grasshopper, lunchbox, boomerang , avante ,sand rover , to name but a few that have been re released, I also found it a bit of a con at the priced they charged for them , after all all they needed to do was inject a bit of plastic in an existing
  4. once on the site , go to members drop down list click on search,next page in search box put nigeninja , click search and scroll down should be my showroom, cant do link cos im shit at that sort of stuff but her in doors just done it on her puter and it worked.
  5. go to go to members put in search nigeninja all mine
  6. someone is bound to say petrol is best but its not, you can get really quick electric cars and in my opinion electric car is so much less hassle and a lot quieter if you got neighbour's close by. Tamiya are always a good starting point easy to make, spares easy to get hold of and can be hopped up.
  7. no pics of the engine bay, say's to me the engine looks like its covered more than 12,000 miles A bit like an S4S that is/was for sale which had meant to have only covered a few miles but the engine bay looked liked it has covered 4 times as many.
  8. Paul Matty said to me to leave the bonnet and boot switches disconnect/unplugged because he reckon they often left the lights on when the bonnet/boot was closed.
  9. after an esprit you need to try an elise, exige or Europa, totally different from an esprit
  10. I had it plugged in under the glove compartment mate and it worked fine,i do seem to remember some problems to get it to work at first but once I got it going it work every time all the time there after. Not much help I know but the cable deffo ok mate
  11. lotus one ,I rather liked this one,taken yesterday at Donnington
  12. It wont run any faster putting that in the petrol tank mate
  13. I thought Mansell said that about his championship winning Williams
  14. Go on a race day mate, its just as relaxed and you can walk anywhere you want with no restrictions
  15. yup looks good,makes a change from twin strips
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