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  1. i was just going to say eliminator,how can that not be there
  2. thats a good idea buy her a handbag or shoes as a bribe,i'm sure she would come round to the idea then,or what i could say is that the esprit I'm going to buy comes with a free handbag and pair of shoes. S3 Essex oh yes I want
  3. I use a Sat nav every day in my job,im now convinced there all controlled by the petrol compaines so we make unecessary trips to use more fuel . My Sat nav is set on the fastest route, so why does the F****NG thing direct me off the A38 dual carriageway into Lichfield town for 2 miles negotiating roundabouts,crossings etc etc,then for it to tell me to turn left and then right back on the A38 where ive just come from . The dam thing was close to being thrown out the window this time,its not the first time this has happened,its about time someone invents one that you can shout at and call every name under the sun and then have sat nav apologize to you for taken you up the wrong route, just might make you feel a little better ,in fact that could work the other way and have a sat nav that calls you every name under the sun when you take the wrong turn(sat nav with attitude ).
  4. by pic 3 I can almost see the think bubble saying,somthing like for for crist sake take me home for a slice of cheese cake. By the way when I get mine can I celebrate with a slice of your wifes cheese cake .
  5. na cant get rid of her but will still get the car anyway,might mean she will find more than ive got a headache as an excuse for a while
  6. it went something like this Me -I'm going to buy an esprit, Wife-what do you want one of them for its ugly,we cant all go out together in it, if you going to by a sports car at least buy something nice like an Z4 or Audi TT,or just somthing you can take the top off etc etc etc Then she even goes on to say why dont I buy another bike,which completely contradicts half the argument above anyway ,why is she ok with me buying a bike but not an esprit, damm I dont get it Mind you if she thinks its ugly and going by the other things she has said about the esprit, she wont want to go in it, so I now think I can look forward to some peacefull summer day drives.
  7. Hello to you all well what can i say i join this forum yesterday to get more info on my wanna be car the S3,the first post i read from start to finish is about the dude who brought a red S3 that developed engine tap ,which now looks like its going to cost him some serious money ooppps. Has it put me off "na"just means I keep more than my fingers crossed when i do buy. Going to do some more reading now and hope to find out some answers to some of the question that i want ask b4 i ask and make myself look a complete plank . nige
  8. nigeninja

    Europa S

  9. nigeninja

    Donnington Revival

    Lotus in getting ready to go,cant remember if it was this one that broke a drive shaft during its track time,I should have taken a pic of the shaft cos it snapped clean in half
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