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  1. just a few Lotus related pics from Saturday
  2. If your having a built in coffee maker make sure its not a Hotpoint, trust me not good
  3. bloody cheek return interior back to standard,so that would be put original gearknob back on,which I gave him,put heater control knobs back to original,which I gave him,big deal real extra mile
  4. I think your right as well
  5. There's a nice blue S4S for sale on piston heads £21,995
  6. I spent 5 years coaching under 11's at north Warwickshire cricket club,you would not believe how much time that takes up
  7. Na not u mate someone early said bikers wont like it
  8. Just because the cars are known for good handling why does the bike have to be know for good handling to me it looks like a straight line blaster,which there is nothing wrong with that. If this bike had of been the same as every other bike on the road would it really have got us talking as we are now,I don't think so Park that at the ace café lets see how many people look it over and how many people look at the latest brand new R1 or blade. I'm a biker and have been since I was 16,so saying bikers wont like it is rubbish,some will some wont , like every thing in life. As above
  9. I like it , so different from all the other bikes out there at the moment ,its about time someone done something a bit radical. I for one are a bit fed up with the same old same old bikes,R1,blades etc etc
  10. Today at 5.00pm ish Kingsbury roundabout near the mill
  11. I know I've said what I've said above , but has no one changed the handbrake button on there Elise,Exige or Europa. Come on chaps don't keep it to yourselves , please do share
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