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  1. Yeah I've seen that mate,also looked on the elise parts book and its the same ,so I think an email to the dude I brought it from for more info,thanks for the reply mate
  2. I want to get the hand brake push button off my Europa S , the dude I brought the nice new polished handbrake and button off said it just unscrews(but he thinks I brought it for an Elise). I've had a go at unscrewing it but it just turns and turns and turns and get the idea So is it the same as the Elise and we have a stripped thread or was the Europa done different.
  3. ditto , cross on back is a give away mate
  4. have they not just describe every rat that ever lived , bloody press love to ham things up don't they
  5. a total knob , give it a year or so and we will be reading about him going to rehab for drug abuse, cant wait "KNOB"
  6. "yeah but a cruiser" , that's so not Lotus so I hope it don't look like that
  7. bet it don't look nothing like that when it comes out , and only a v twin
  8. nigeninja


    it started badly with Trott going home, normally a 50 plus each and every inns and then swan after we had already lost. But players like Peterson just hang around and still get picked even though they have been playing crap for a couple of years now. Anyway well done the aussies its about time you won it back after all these years of losing
  9. ok found the answer So is there anything I need to look for when buying a 2010 evora, any info to look for or listen for would be gratefully received. thanks in advance
  10. Just been looking to buy an Evora,this one is a 2010 model and it says its got a close ratio gearbox, was this an option from the factory,or has someone been playing around with it
  11. yeah we sold it to the guy who has just sold it on ebay a few weeks ago,the pics were pics out side his house where we dropped the car off to him.
  12. Yup and that's the one Im talking about, and that's the one I put on here a year or so ago selling for a friend
  13. Soz mate that might be my fault,i may have hijacked the thread with the mention of my S4S
  14. I don't think I would be happy knowing the car has been repaired, and I'm thinking about buying different Lotus at the mo. But it all depends on what I get offered anyway
  15. There's a Crashed S4S for sale in the classifieds
  16. If you do a search for Bronze esprit you should find a pic of the one that was for sale last week,its in a post by me about 12mths ago
  17. nope the one that was for sale last week , that sold for £13,000 was the one im taking about,was as I said above
  18. that's the same car that was on here pictured with skies attached ,you can still see the holes in the tail gate. Not that it matters now cos someone has brought it
  19. Chester road Erdington around 8.30 am I think it was an evora I was just coming out of a house as you went by
  20. Are you thinking of swimming your way home mate
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