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  1. opps I get a warning saying its an unsafe web site cant view
  2. Mark find the thread "How many bikers on here" lets see what you got or even what you had
  3. just the opposite,never liked Harleys always thought of them as vibrating, under powered,bits keep fallen off pieces of junk,most of which was hear say from a friend of a friend of a friend. But now as the years go on I do find myself looking at them on ebay,shall I sharnt I Perfect place to own a bike as well
  4. 1/Esprit S3 Essex 2/ Esprit V8 very last one 3/ Esprit Sport 300 4/Elite S1-S2 5/Elan + 2 That's as well as keeping my S4S
  5. went into Jasper carrots house to repair the washing machine, he was there ironing his trousers in the hall. Meet and interviewed John Saxon for Impact magazine(Bruce lee connection) Meet and interviewed Van Williams aka the Green Hornet (bruce Lee connection) Meet and interviewed Robert Lee aka Bruce Lees brother Bit of a pattern forming here so will stop now there was more but you guys might not of heard of them (Bruce Lee connection)
  6. Its got a tow bar for the caravan , how cool is that
  7. Erik I think ive got you in my mirrors a couple of times,was there a blue elise/exgie in front of you which was just behind me. Glad you have cleared that up Ernie,aka dave aka changes aka superdave ,are sure dodge dave was smiling, I would check that there's not a hole in the passenger side floor well
  8. Castle combe parade lap with a head cam,view it in full screen and watch close at around 2.40 , "Ernie" "and he drove the fastest milk cart in the west"
  9. Na just sneak out without her , a day free of moans and nags what more could you want
  10. will be there but "NOT IF ITS RAINING"
  11. Have you guys got an agreed value with these quotes, cos so far mines more expensive than all of them
  12. Ok chum I think I've done it, have I told that me and putters don't mix so it could have gone anywhere
  13. nigeninja

    Castle Combe

    Club Lotus track day
  14. So is this a Lotus event , cos its not very well advertised , not even on the TLF calendar.
  15. Just a few lotus pics(it was a Senna day)
  16. is this the May 25th event
  17. I've just had my car drawn by Graeme of ,this guy will draw any lotus and put on all your individual parts, such as wheels, strips and colours etc. If you order you car you get 2x A3 prints on card and 1x A4 print Rather good I think
  18. Going Saturday,on the assumption the BTCC wont be as busy
  19. its Easter day,so that will be a no then soz
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