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  1. take your camera to Oulton, even if your not a photography person, cos you can get close , i love it for taking pics that's one of the reasons i go.

    Oh and have a look on a good old fashion map book before you go cos the sav nav tries to take you down some small narrow lanes :( which you dont need to go down :) 


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  2. Ewan  yes i know mate,i meet with the owner of my car who was at the time the owner of the car when that pic was taken(if that makes sense :) ) ,i also know Steven the new owner of your blue SE,we keep talking about doing another photo shoot of both cars together again :) . For anyone out there that dont know here we have car 1 and 2 Europa SE off the production line :)  

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  3. Is the middle row of cars blocked in

    31 minutes ago, 2GOOD said:

    No, railway sleepers behind the Lotus cars, it was nice that they put our cars in row & directed everything else to other rows.

    ive been twice but never on a sunday

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