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  1. Mine as well, thanks to all who pressed the required buttons to sort it out as I frankly did not have a clue!
  2. Ouch, what a way to start the new year! Really sorry to read this. Please accept my best wishes for a speedy outcome with your insurance companies. Thank goodness nobody was hurt and you got the cars out. A Huey as used in the Vietnam war? I know there is one flying tourists from the Cape Town waterfront but did not realise they were still in general use.
  3. For me it sometimes does and sometimes does'nt!
  4. As per Whirlybird, plus a vertical line on the back garage wall. Drive in forwards, sit straight, close left eye, line up sting and line on wall and she is mm perfect.
  5. Fabulous evening, many thanks to Gary and Bibs for organising, and yes please lets do it again. Appologies for leading some "astray" on the way to the pub, as you know I never did find it. Mental note, engage brain next time! Ian.
  6. Is there a place left for an Oldie, assuming 70 year olds are allowed up? It is high time I met up with the "core" members. Ian.
  7. Dave, I think the "other Lotus Forum" (Lotus Excel net) has an agreement with the company whereby access to the service notes and parts list for the Excel can be obtained directly through their forum for a small sum. This couild be of help with your project. Nice to know a celebration is being saved and prepared for the road. Bibs, apologies if I have trampled on any toes! Ian.
  8. Hi Dave, Slot No. Rating. Circuit. 1 20 A Heated rear screen 2 10A Clock, cigar lighter 3 4A Interior lamps 4 10A Hazard warning lamps 5 10A Radio 6 10 A Radio 7 2A Left hand side lamps 8 7.5A Right hand side lamps, Dim dip 9 4A Panel lamps 10 4A Reversing lamps 11 4A Stop lamps, cruise control 12 4A Direction indicators 13 2A Instruments 14 10A Wash wipe 15 10A Air con 16 20A Horn 17 20A Heater 18 2A Radiator fan control 19 10A Front fog lamps 20 4A Rear fog lamps 21 5A Mirrors 22 10A Radiator fan 23 10A Radiator fan 24 2A Heater, horn, HRS, Rear fog. These are from my handbook and are replicated in the service notes except fpr Slot 19 which is detailed as 2A, Front fog lamps. Hope this is of some help. There are, in true Lotus fashion, other fuses in various locations around the car. If you need them let me know. Ian.
  9. Thanks for your comments Jean. Another drive out and no leaks makes me now think I must have spilt fuel and not cleaned it up when replacing the filter a couple of months ago. Being a retired oldie I'll put it down to a "senior moment".
  10. Smelt petrol when opening the boot and on inspection of the fuel tank, pump, filter etc. located what appeared to be a trace of petrol residue in the spare wheel compartment beneath the fuel tank. Could not find any evidence of leaking connections so washed out all traces of residue. Once everything was dry I indulged in half an hour's spirited driving in an efort to make the leak more apparent. Nothing, clean as a whistle which is a bit odd. Did notice the flowlock valve was a little warm to the touch, is that normal? Went to the Gurston Down hillclimb last sunday, about two hours away from where I live. Now wondering if it is possible the flowlock valve got even warmer and this caused a small leak in the valve. Sounds somewhat far fetched to say the least but .... Has anyone experienced a warm flowlock valve?
  11. Suprised nobody has mentioned the difference in lap times between the Williams and Lotus. Recon you have a point Ramjet, the chasis is not up to the job as yet. Me I would stick with the Cossie and concentrate on beating Williams next year which in my humble opinion would not be an easy task. Ian.
  12. Thanks again guy's. Gerald at GST Performance is obtaining a new s/s system with lifetime guarantee for me and fitting it late june. As I am away for the next couple of weeks this will fit in well. Cheers, Ian.
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks very much for your responses. It seems, as with all good things there is no cheap way of doing things properly so it is time to decimate the wallet. Will let you know the outcome in due course. Ian.
  14. The Excel's exhaust is nearing the end of it's life. Although the pipes and silencers are in stainless the joint connectors are in mild steel which is badly rusted and cracked in a few places, the central expansion box also has internal rattles. I have two options, the first being to purchase a full s/s system from SJ's in Devon and fit it myself, and the second to get a s/s system fabricated to fit. As the car is a tight fit in my garage and I am retired, I am drawn to the second option at the moment. Can anyone recommend a company they have used and would use again. I live in Orpington near Bromley in south east London and would ideally like to deal with a company not too far away (say within 30 miles). Ian.
  15. Hi Daryl, My service parts list indicates that pre 85MY there were 3 finishers to the rear screen. It is not clear but these were presumably to the top and sides. Also it indicates 4 metre of double sided tape. The part numbers are A089U1503K and A089U6061V respectively. My 91SE seems to have spacers between the rear screen and body and black mastic infill. The screen is a tight fit and looks neat. Hope this goes some way to helping. Ian.
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