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  1. Welcome to Neil Garner Performance Engineering - For all your Lotus needs based in Wilts. Check out some fantastic prices and qualify for our free Evo or Octane subscription with this 5* partner.
  2. Just to thank you all for entering and commiserations to all who missed out. The winner chose a Nintendo Wii and has a limited edition black console winging it's way to Leeds. The entries were overwelming so watch this space we will run another draw soon. In the meantime, see what our winner had to say and don't forget the free EVO or OCTANE subscription campaign is still running, check site for details; "I used the call back to search for my annual service for my Ferrari 550 - it was easy to use, registration took a minute and I simply viewed the site for my preferred service providers a
  3. Another great offer from - SUPERCARHUB IN PARTNERSHIP WITH EVO/OCTANE MAGAZINES Simply search for your required service, you can use the "Call Back" button on as many service providers as you wish. (including Paintfilm) If you have at least one Gold Partner among your chosen requests you can qualify for the FREE 3 month Subscription offer to Evo or Octane. For more information -
  4. In conjuction with one of our partners there is a possibility of open pit lane on the evening of April 18th details -
  5. Joint ownership of an Audi Quattro (fiances) and a Ford Escort 1.0 pop for me in a very dull beige colour - guess which one i got to drive most of the time!
  6. Come and enter the Supercarhub January competition you could win an ipod touch or a Nintendo Wii you choose! How? Send us your unique voucher number for any completed service for the month of January through to February 10th inclusive with one of the partners on the site
  7. Happy New Year everyone on TLF - hope you all have a great evening whatever you are doing. I have an Appointment with some vintage champagne a take out (no cooking!) and the other half - see you all in 2010!
  8. Merry Christmas everybody, hope it's a good one! FW x
  9. love it bibs.... worth a try.... come on everyone get applying.....
  10. came 3 certificates (No, not for my 200m swim which I did in primary - arrive at last!) but from The Breathing Plant. My son's school were given some envelopes to return unwanted mobile phones. I am now the proud owner of 3 Silver Birches planted in Gloucestershire. By returning these a tree is planted for each handset to help reduce the CO2 - with the cars we drive in mind - I thought a nice way to reduce our footprint just a little. To get a free envelope go to [email protected] - for 10 or more they will even collect. It might be interesting to see how many we can send - maybe a lotus f
  11.;label=hotel-218665-gb-TvLyqLjkNhwUkny1GO9IGwS672189384;ws=&gclid=CIugk_vH354CFSeElAodPQlgLg Tewkesbury Park hotel maybe another possible (above) Malvern doesn't have a large amount of sizeable hotels with extensive parking ...
  12. Funny post. I do hope the recipiants will share with us their suprise treats ....
  13. Went to the cinema today with the children to see Nativity - a must see, i was crying - it's soooo good and something for everyone, if you google cineworld you see up to 50% off voucher and a clip of the said film... Enjoy
  14. Quite and our boy is the best and most established in the business at it... If we can be of assistance or you'd like to know more about this practice please get in touch. [email protected] Regards FW
  15. At last we can announce we have started to load up our catalogue - we are pleased to announce our fantastic internet rates for paint protection, detailing, leather and alloy wheel refurbishment so you can treat you pride and joy this winter to a makeover inside and out with one of the most established detailers in the business. Keep checking out the catalogue we will be sourcing more things of interest in the new year. Seasons Greetings FW
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