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  1. Just like it says in the title - I'm looking for a passenger side sill for an SE Esprit. New would be great, a pattern part (if there's such a thing) or even damaged would be better than nothing. Has anyone managed to reproduce these because unfortunately Lotus no longer stock them. Would be grateful for any ideas or advice!

  2. I'm in the same boat - I have the 300 rear arches in hand and on initial fitting - it will take quite a bit of grinding and cutting.....

    I was hoping to get to them this past weekend - but ended up working on everyone elses' car....

    My Bank Manager didn't share my dream of owning a S300. . . so I now have the SJ arches on my car. . . and think they look great!

    Bit of a bugger to fit but SJ's were very helpful. Having looked at loads of pics of real S300s the gap between the top of the rear wheel and the bottom of the rear wheel arch extension appears to be slightly teardrop shaped so I didn't feel too bad about having to take a little out of the top of the wheel arch,under the extension, to get the best fit.

  3. Has any one got a spare one? mine does not fit on correctly as one of the clip bits is missing on the foam, and also the badge was fitted by Stevie Wonders even blinder brother as its really wonky.


    Might have something you can use mate. . .

    It's not 100% perfect 'cause cause one of the clip bits is missing but you can't see that it's not there when it's fitted and it's still very secure.

    T07788 550187 Regards, Tyke

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