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  2. IanQ


    He used to live in St. Neots not far from me ( bet he never mentions that!). I am tempted to post pictures of the town in mid winter. Not a pretty any time of year.
  3. IanQ


    Try going into a cold Church to practice especially this time of year which as you can imagine is getting a bit busy for me. So cold sometimes I cannot feel my fingers, let alone play the Organ. Now I know how les Dawson managed to make bad playing into an art form! So we had heating installed in a building which is nearly 1000 years old last summer and it really is fantastic. We leave it on 15 degrees c so it keeps the place dry (ish) and then time it to get warm an hour or so before a service. And at home the temp is constantly 21 degrees and it is good to come home on damp November evenings to a warm house.
  4. Bibs, didn't you know they are all disabled? Well if not disabled, then certainly they have impaired vision and a lack of common sense and certainly in my experience a loss of memory that they are public servants and as such they should treat us, the taxpayers with courtesy and politeness. Parking like that is shameful.
  5. Check out Honest John from the Daily Telegraph. No really. He has been waging war against this sort of enforcement for ages [email protected]
  6. If teachers do such a good job and think they can go on strike for whatever reason ( pension rights or any other matter) how do they explain that some of the kids we get sent for interview to be apprentices can hardly read or write and have no basic manners? One even didn't know what to do when offered a hand to shake when he was introduced to another member of our company. And we are getting some from Cambridge, supposedly one of the areas in the UK where school standards and exam results are meant to be way above average? Easy to make sweeping generalisations though isn't it? Anyway I have to confess to a prejudice which I ought to overcome. I mentioned my sister being a Head Mistress. I have never liked her even when we were kids. Now she behaves like a cross between Atilla the Hun and Boadecia with permanent PMT. Rant over...
  7. Ask your self what would happen if you went on strike? I would more than likely get sacked or my job made so horrible I would want to leave. I'd fire the lot of them. Education is so important that teachers should not be allowed to go on strike. And my sister is Head Mistress in a school. Massive salary, long holidays great pension and she still moans about "school". Get a job in industry, any industry and join the real world. I have no sympathy with them.
  8. Bibs...has anyone ever told you what the difference is between an Organist and a Terrorist? ( joke aimed at couples planning to get married and choosing their music BTW) ...answer is that you can negotiate with a terrorist.. Anyway, don't know about funniest word but the best word in the world must be "Undressing"
  9. One report suggested the accident MAY have started because some drivers were distracted by watching a fireworks display in a location relatively close to the motorway instead of watching the road. I guess we will never know. A terrible tragedy.
  10. IanQ

    S2 enjoying the A428

    Yep it was definitely you then! Was very envious to see you out in your car: I followed you from Cambourne until I turned off at the St Neots roundabout. Wish I had taken my Esprit out to play now!!!
  11. IanQ


    Nope nuffink in the St. Neots store mate, sorry.
  12. around lunch time today, heading west towards St. Neots.. Old "V" registration so possibly 1979/80? Looked and sounded lovely.
  13. Great news. Now perhaps the Government or whoever will put some dual carriegeway on the A11 between Mildenhall and Elvedon so we can get there a bit more easily. As far as I know there are no dual roads entering Norfolk but plenty as soon as you get into the county after passport control
  14. IanQ


    Check out Philip Larkin's poem "This be the verse". The answer is in there...depressing, contentious, bound to cause a lot of debate just as it did when it was written.....make up your own views!
  15. Cheers Bibs! I can do what I did last year: buy my own Xmas pressies from TLF and give them to Marion to give to me! Everyone wins!!! Meanwhile back at the competition.... "lots of the usual shenanigans" Ok...I'll have another beer and keep thinking tho my brain does hurt when thinking...
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