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  1. She certainly does, nice story don’t suppose you’ve got a countach as well just to make me really sick !! Great photo , reminds me of an ex girlfriend only she had a slightly bigger tache!!
  2. If like me you were born in the 70’s then growing up in the 80’s you had several posters on your wall , the Lamborghini Countach ,Linda Lusardi and Eddie Fiola ‘The flying Bananna’ the worlds No 1 freestyle bmx’er and Hollywood stuntman from California USA . Last year I heard from an old friend he was coming to the UK and what was more amazing he was coming to Cleethorpes only 3 miles away from me so I dusted of one of my old mid life crisis machines , stripped it and sent it to the powder coaters for the occasion .I Packed the bike into my trusty old camper and headed to Cleethorpes.As luck turned out I knew one of the organisers from back in the day and got to meet my hero ! .As he was there for the weekend I returned the next day and had him sign the elite , A boyhood dream come true , now all I need to do is buy myself a Lamborghini Countach and take Linda Lusardi for a spin and all my boyhood dreams achieved ps I know it’s a long shot but if you’re on the forum Linda p.m me I’m working on the countach !
  3. Hi Kelvin welcome to Lotus ownership , my cable snapped shortly after I bought my elite some 11years ago , don’t know if somebody found an easier way but I found the easiest way was to take a small Hss drill bit to the centre of the two dome headed caps that sit at the bottom of the tailgate through the glass , this should release the two bolts holding the locking pin , alternatively if you can get a pair of grips on them you may be able to loosen them without damaging them although unlikely, depending where the cable has snapped of course you may be able to take the rear interior side panel off and pull on the cable with a pair of grips , good luck and enjoy the elite !!
  4. Hi Chris , Thanks , I’m based in Lincolnshire just on the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds
  5. Thanks ramjet will do ??
  6. No problem if you are in need of a steering wheel she’s yours ! Where abouts in the UK are you visiting? We’ll have to try and meet up at some event .what year is your car as I was going to fit that steering wheel to mine however they must have changed them in later years as this is from a 79 eclat if my memory serves me correct and does not fit my 76 elite, I will post some pictures for you to check ? Thanks , was a little worried what kind of reception it would receive but no death threats so far ?!
  7. In my defence Tom it was in a pretty sorry state as somebody had decided to cut a sunroof in and removed the strengthening rollover bar from the roof so you were able to put your hand inside the car through the top of the drivers side door without opening it , that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it !! . The only thing I really regret if I’m honest is giving away the galvanised chassis as I had nowhere to store it !! ps I have the volume cranked up to the max and a tube of araldite in each hand you won’t take me alive !!! Great idea about the lights , may have to get to work on that one , not great with electrics but would be good if it could be wired so one light popped back up after about 8 hours ! ?
  8. It has been 10 years since my last confession but I bought a Lotus eclat for £200 for spares to keep my elite on the road , I stripped and saved the majority of parts and was left with a spare shell , after a few cheeky beers I decided to create a home entertainment system from the front end for my bar ,so took to work with my Stihl saw and cut away the front end and mounted it on the wall like some kind of hunting trophy. It has a sound bar in the S2 spoiler ,speakers replacing the headlights and a dvd and PlayStation behind the grille.I must say I use her regularly and she never misses a beat , ‘Lots Of Tunes Usually Seventies ‘,on the plus side she’s kept the elite going for a further 10 Years ! am I forgiven ???
  9. Only my opinion but after seeing the pics I thought a dealer would be asking around 8 k , I agree not the strongest colour had it been calypso blue beige leather I’d have said 9.5-10k so 6.5 doesn’t seem bad however if he’s had it a while it’s always worth a low bid , stress the low usage to him .I bought a low mileage esprit with good history and was told to expect £2k a year running costs , I spent £4.5 k in the first 3 months , that being said she cost less than a grand a year there after so if it’s a long term investment and you like what you see try and squeeze him a bit and if your happy go for it !! I’m no expert but sounds like some of these guys are so I would take somebody with you who knows .if you get her at the right price and hold on to her you’re gonna get your money back at the least, as these cars are only going one way , don’t miss the boat ! , I sold my esprit for £10k it’s now for sale for £30k ,that said if it doesn’t feel right there will be others !! Good luck !!!
  10. Welcome home ??love the Altaire green , she’s a rare beast !!!
  11. I guess that’s a positive on my side for owning a base model 501 as there isn’t any power steering however on the downside I don’t have a microphone attached to the stereo so can’t record myself singing along to the 70’s soundtracks of Andy Williams or Tom Jones ? Love the blue by the way the first car that got me into Lotus was my uncle’s eclat in the same colour when I was just a boy ???
  12. If I’m honest far more comfortable than the esprit as that had fibreglass seats with minimal padding however the seventies vinyl seats can get a little sticky in that heat , she’s nice if you take her at a steady pace but does lack a little power if you are travelling with a gaggle of supercars ?we often joke how she gets more attention than the ferrari’s etc that she’s with , I guess people don’t see them very often ! , but all in all an enjoyable run out !
  13. Hi Guys, thanks for the encouraging words, have followed a lot of your chats for years and gained a lot of handy tips and knowledge along the way when fettling my elite and esprit , I will make an effort to post more often ! I have put a few pics on the elite/eclat / excel picture thread , thanks guys !
  14. Some pics of the elite on one of the trips to the Le Mans Classic and one next to my old esprit ?
  15. Hi guys been a member of the site for many years , but being a self confessed technophobe never posted on your site , I have been a life long fan of Lotus and grown up around the cars , I am currently running a 1976 elite after sadly having to sell one of my cars , a lovely Esprit S4 Gt Commemorative No 11 ? but hey ho , still driving a Lotus !!! ?? Hi To all ?
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