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  1. It has been 10 years since my last confession but I bought a Lotus eclat for £200 for spares to keep my elite on the road , I stripped and saved the majority of parts and was left with a spare shell , after a few cheeky beers I decided to create a home entertainment system from the front end for my bar ,so took to work with my Stihl saw and cut away the front end and mounted it on the wall like some kind of hunting trophy. It has a sound bar in the S2 spoiler ,speakers replacing the headlights and a dvd and PlayStation behind the grille.I must say I use her regularly and she never misses a beat , ‘Lots Of Tunes Usually Seventies ‘,on the plus side she’s kept the elite going for a further 10 Years ! am I forgiven ???
  2. Excel, Whats it worth?

    Only my opinion but after seeing the pics I thought a dealer would be asking around 8 k , I agree not the strongest colour had it been calypso blue beige leather I’d have said 9.5-10k so 6.5 doesn’t seem bad however if he’s had it a while it’s always worth a low bid , stress the low usage to him .I bought a low mileage esprit with good history and was told to expect £2k a year running costs , I spent £4.5 k in the first 3 months , that being said she cost less than a grand a year there after so if it’s a long term investment and you like what you see try and squeeze him a bit and if your happy go for it !! I’m no expert but sounds like some of these guys are so I would take somebody with you who knows .if you get her at the right price and hold on to her you’re gonna get your money back at the least, as these cars are only going one way , don’t miss the boat ! , I sold my esprit for £10k it’s now for sale for £30k ,that said if it doesn’t feel right there will be others !! Good luck !!!
  3. Welcome home 😜👍love the Altaire green , she’s a rare beast !!!
  4. I guess that’s a positive on my side for owning a base model 501 as there isn’t any power steering however on the downside I don’t have a microphone attached to the stereo so can’t record myself singing along to the 70’s soundtracks of Andy Williams or Tom Jones 😜 Love the blue by the way the first car that got me into Lotus was my uncle’s eclat in the same colour when I was just a boy 😜👍👍
  5. If I’m honest far more comfortable than the esprit as that had fibreglass seats with minimal padding however the seventies vinyl seats can get a little sticky in that heat , she’s nice if you take her at a steady pace but does lack a little power if you are travelling with a gaggle of supercars 😬we often joke how she gets more attention than the ferrari’s etc that she’s with , I guess people don’t see them very often ! , but all in all an enjoyable run out !
  6. Old member saying Hi

    Hi Guys, thanks for the encouraging words, have followed a lot of your chats for years and gained a lot of handy tips and knowledge along the way when fettling my elite and esprit , I will make an effort to post more often ! I have put a few pics on the elite/eclat / excel picture thread , thanks guys !
  7. Some pics of the elite on one of the trips to the Le Mans Classic and one next to my old esprit 😢
  8. Old member saying Hi

    Hi guys been a member of the site for many years , but being a self confessed technophobe never posted on your site , I have been a life long fan of Lotus and grown up around the cars , I am currently running a 1976 elite after sadly having to sell one of my cars , a lovely Esprit S4 Gt Commemorative No 11 😢 but hey ho , still driving a Lotus !!! 😜👍 Hi To all 👍
  9. Hi Is this register still up and running as I would be happy to add mine and interested to see how many we still have on the road in th UK , I have a 76’ 501 that I’ve owned and run for the last 11years
  10. Hi again, I have a 1989 turbo, carb turbo esprit and need a starter for it !!! does anyone know what its from???? kind regards brabbs
  11. Hi gents sure this has been ask a million times before, but unable to find a question / reply that helps. My 95 esprit has a brake pedal that feels harder than it should (very little travel) and when driven several miles starts to make a whistling noise, the pedal also moves lower thus bringing the brake lights on permanently any advise would be great kind regards brabbs
  12. Oil priming before firing

    Hi Its best to remove the plugs as this reduces the load on the pistons and also allows engine to spin faster, this in turn will be fast enough to generate some oil pressure, !00 percent certain
  13. engine torque

    Hi just in the process of rebuilding my 2.2 turbo 1989 (carb) esprit. what I am unable to find is the head torque, big end torque and valve clearance can any one be so kind to throw some light on this and advise me kind regards
  14. oil

    Hi guys any recommendations on what oil is required for a gearbox of a 2.2 turbo (carb) 1989 esprit, also engine oil many thanks
  15. engine parts

    hi gents I have a 2.2 turbo (carb) 1989 a couple of days ago my 6 month old cam belt snapped while driving it very hard, thus ending up bending valves. would any one know if the valves are the same or from a other vehicle / valve buckets also head gasket and oil pump filter ?? thanks in advance