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  1. Man i have had a situation were a guy in a 355 was coming the other way. I was in my 355 spider and he waved so i it got closer i noticed it was a MR2 replica ROTFLMAO!! God i felt like a mug.
  2. Oh god i hope its not a repost, i looked but could not see it. The vids dated for the 16th of Feb
  3. Little surprised this has not already been mentioned here? In this weeks Autocar (UK) there is a 4 page comparison of the new Exige v classic F355. Both now at the same price/value. The Lotus fared very well.
  4. Wow!!!! Looks amazing, congratulations that man You might like the way mine sounds
  5. Congrats on your new Ferrari man, enjoy her. Welcome to the club and hope to catch up with you at a couple of shows in 2010 maybe I am on my 4th now. Heres my current pair of ladies
  6. Hope this is not a repost, but its new to me.
  7. Yea brother get some blu tac, my bloody neck Hey the car sounds great from the cockpit
  8. Looks a very nice esprit mate. I would like to hear the car out side, with maybe a video of it driving away or past. Any way nice Lotus man
  9. Is there a universal Best exhaust set up for the Esprit? What make?
  10. I hope Kobayashi is signed up, he is a mighty driver. The guy reminds me of Lewis Hamilton in his agresive style.
  11. God thats embarrassing. I bet Alonso felt like a prat to, good job he never pushed the car as Massa did. Can you imagine the photo opportunities there As for Montezemolo, hey they call it a gravel trap for a reason you idiot
  12. Heres the new video of the crash.
  13. The flyby past the pits was in 3rd or 4th gear Your just not used to hearing the higher regins of what 8500 RPM sounds like:)
  14. Thanks for that mate, i did not know it was a problem. Your right about getting the basic right first time.
  15. Was she the girl who was flying the helicopter, firing missiles at Bond?
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