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  1. My Spidey-sense was tingling! I hardly ever hang around the forums any more, but lurk about from time to time. I just wanted to pop-in and say thanks for the kind words. I'll be patiently waiting by the mailbox for my champagne care package… Cheers, Karl-Franz Florida Lotus Owners' Group (FLOG) President
  2. Hi Trevor, Yes, the EFF's Registry may be a little buried for those not familiar with the structure of the site, but it is not a submenu of the Stevens section (i.e. you don't have to expand the Stevens section to see it). It is actually at the root level of the Models chapter which is the same level containing other topics such as the Guigiaro, Stevens, Price Guide, Production Numbers, VIN, etc.
  3. Hi folks, For years several people have been bugging me to create a website to sell some of my automotive (and other) related artwork. Well, I'm proud to say that I finally got around to doing this. My online store just went live this week. It features many of my Lotus (and other car-related) prints. Feel free to check it out at: I will be adding other Esprit prints that I have in the works in the weeks and months ahead. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Cheers, Karl-Franz Florida Lotus Owners' Group (FLOG) President http://www.espritf
  4. Bibs, I'm not here very often so I never caught this before, but isn't this registry a duplicated effort of the one that has been on my website for over 8 years? The registry located in the Models category has over 500 entries. Is there a way we can consolidate this list into mine? The one on my site is database driven and has additional fields. Either way here's my data: SCCFD30C9SHF63077 Norfolk Mustard 1995 Esprit S4s, Melbourne, Florida USA
  5. Just a final reminder that the Celebration Exotic Car Festival is tomorrow (Saturday) in Celebration, Florida. Lotus is the honored marque this year, and from the registration roster it appears that this will be the largest collection of Loti we have ever had for a car show in Florida. We have Esprit, Exige, Elise, Elan, Europa, and we even have one of the 7 FIA GT Elise GT-1 racecars with the ZR-1 engine. (I saw this car race in 97 against McLaren F1's, Porsche GT1's and Mercedes CLK-GTR's.) We also have an S1 that was just flown in last week from England after undergoing a full Pebble Bea
  6. Hi Folks, The Celebration Exotic Car Festival will be held next month and Lotus is the honored marque! Dan Adragna and myself will be the judges in the Lotus category and we would like the opportunity to see and meet with all of you. The actual show is on Saturday, April 21st, but there are all sorts of other activities planned throughout the weekend that you may want to attend. If you look at the list of cars already registered, you can tell this isn't a puny-little car show. I mean, how many shows do you know that have two (2) Bugatti Veyrons? You can register online by clicking on the li
  7. I think my car is starting to develop allergies to racetracks or at least allergies to doing parade laps instead of real track days. One time at Road Atlanta, my car's clutch "threw out" its throw out bearing while I was giving lister Manny Perez a drive around the track. I was unable to select gears and had to limp back from the hairpin (turns 6 & 7) to the pits in second gear. This New Year's Eve, my friend Michael did his first track day in his Elise at Sebring International Raceway. After doing some "spirited driving" at over 140 mph several times earlier that day, my car decided (
  8. From Lotus Limited website ( Solid 5-Year Lotus Plan Heralds 3 New Models September 20, 2006 - Hethel England: Group Lotus is set for a bright future with a greatly expanded and extended car model programme and new opportunities for the engineering business on a re-aligned basis. Following a major review of the entire business and with the full support of the Lotus Group International Limited (LGIL) holding company board, Lotus intends to launch two additional new models over the next three years. This is in addition to the new Esprit, which will top the range
  9. Dr. Fish, You do realize that Mark included the pic of the white car as a means of showing the likely source of the Photoshopped Esprit picture, don't you? It may come as a surprise to you, but the "GT car where the driver and passenger are separated and can't talk to each other" is a real production car. It started out as a concept spyder version of the Lamborghini Gallardo known as the "Concept S" but, after many requests, Lambo has agreed to make a limited production run of the vehicle.
  10. From our Lotus friend, Robb Rill Begin forwarded message: Hello Everyone, Thanks for all the feedback, and I am glad so many people have enjoyed reading the updates and viewing the pictures either through our email list or through our site at of our latest Bullrun event. Both the Lotus and the now infamous Navi are now being shipped back to Florida from Cali, and as soon as I get the Lotus back I will determine the extent of the damage by Bomber Bart on the Vegas to Cali leg. Thanks also to Karl-Franz for his suggestions on getting the Lotus fixed. With that said,
  11. Folks, Robb has posted some pics for this year's Bull Run. You can check them out at Cheers, KFM :-)
  12. Day 7: Well I have to say leaving the W hotel in San Diego was difficult to do because we all enjoyed the hotel so much. the private party held on the second floor on the special rooftop bar was truly an experience I will not forget for a long time, and this comes from someone who does not drink. These events for me are not so much about driving, as about sharing a common experience with like minded people, from various walks of life. Bonding over stories about cops, speed, mishaps, all bring people closer together and this is the epitome of friendship. It really felt like the W was our fin
  13. Day 6 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Today was a spectacular except for one incident, that I will go into detail about later. The day started about 8:30 while we were loading the car and Alex was trying to get the Darkcyd Gallardo fixed for today's stage which was first to Las Vegas Speedway at the Carol Shelby factory. We all got a tour of the factory which includes making the AC Cobra based on the original 1965 model. In fact, they had Carol Shelby's original model which is still titled in his name on display. we also saw the Hertz GTH special cars being produced of
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