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  1. oooooooooh thats good news just before xmas !! do you happen to no anyone that can repair ecm's ???
  2. it drives ok unless you come down to the lower revs eg; junctions etc then it either stalls or it hunts bewteen 1.5 and 2.5 rpm , i did the reset procedure and let it idle but it just kept on hunting even tho i had left it for 20mins , i then decided to take it for a long run which lasted over an hour , that still didnt cure it
  3. yes it was unfortunatly , i have had the car checked and no fault codes show which is odd but having replaced the three fuses it still hunts eratically or wont idle at all , i have tried re-setting the ecu but it doesnt seem to make any difference
  4. Hi to you all , I have a 03 Elise , the good lady decided she wanted to go for a blast and decided to try and connect the battery ............we wont go there !! the result was a big flash and now we have a elise that wont idle , initially i had found through various other threads on other sites that it would have blown 2 fuses in the front and a 80amp fuse in the engine bay , all correct and replaced , the car still wont idle properly i have tried the pumping the pedal thing and that still wont make a difference , but .......... someone has since told me they had a simil
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