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  1. Sorry to say I had a look through my Lotus World magazine and they don’t go back that far. I could check at CTL but closed due to Covid.......
  2. I’ll have a look and report back...thanks Bibs
  3. Regarding help to Lotus clubs, over the last 16 years I’ve been involved quite heavily with Lotus Ltd of North America. Initially running tours for members in 2003/4 and virtually every year until this one (virus). For the last 10 years they have been based around both Goodwood events, we visit the two old factories in London, Hethel, CTL, ECM, ACBC grave, Kett Hall, Malcolm Ricketts, Brooklands and other places of interest....including North Norfolk. In the Bahar period ‘we’ went some way down the road to having some club information put in the car along with the service/instruction books before it was sent to the U.S. We got as far as designing a leaflet, but if memory serves me correctly........Dany left the building..... I thought it was a great idea, with little cost to Lotus.
  4. Lotus Rebel, if you are still interested I just came across this file......
  5. I have the ‘Top Secret’ info on the proposed 2 litre +2 and a 412 Elan....neither projects came to fruition. The files are 1969.
  6. As regards Delamere Road I spoke with the folks from Monster Gym yesterday (they use the old Team Lotus/Lotus 7 production area) they and Plastek House (the old factory) says they still have 8/9 years lease left so should be fine for the time being.
  7. A must if you have an Essex Esprit.......small only. £175.00
  8. Hi Ken This is so disturbing, I have been a ‘Lotus fan’ for 56 years, started at Hethel in 68 building Elan, Europa’s and +2’s. From 2000-2014 I worked on the Driver Training Academy and ran the factory tours. The Bahar period was ‘interesting’ for sure, the Gales period.....I have nothing positive to say but I’m hoping once Geely get a hold of things, things will improve. It doesn’t excuse the way you have been treated and hopefully someone at Hethel will pick up on this and get back to you. Its a shame we couldn’t have contacted each other when you were time, or might see you at the Lotus Owners Gathering in August. Good Luck Richard
  9. Richard When Lotus moved in 1966 the ‘track’ was very basic, naturally the runways were in pretty poor condition so virtually a single track of tarmac was laid. Unfortunately Lotus believed that they had acquired the full width of the runway but half was still owned by the local farmer....hence when it was upgraded in the Bahar period the back straight was moved over onto a Lotus land. Alastair McQueen redesigned the track I think in 98/99 when the Driving Academy started, and it was changed to run in front of the Clubhouse. I believe I’m right in saying that my eldest brother was the first to overturn a car on the track, they were running 24 hour emission test in an Elan during the night I think he fell asleep and managed to flip the was some while before Security noticed he hadn’t gone by. They also used to store finished cars around the track, until one of the engineers went out, lost control and totalled around 6 cars......Happy days!!!!!!
  10. Good Morning Andy Thanks for your kind words, sadly the old workshops are no longer in use. As I understand it permission was given to build the new workshop on the understanding the old one wasn’t used. Look forward to seeing you sometime in the future.
  11. We have a few places available on the tours in Febuary, two dates available Wednesday 20th 5pm and Saturday 23rd 11am. The tour lasts around 2-2.5 hours, please come and have a look around our new workshop. Cost is £45.00 pp
  12. I have a CTL Tour this morning at 11am......I think 3 spaces left.
  13. Hi Dylan, So sorry to read of your loss, although your dad had great taste in cars. The Elite has been a favourite of mine for a lot of years. May I make a suggestion that you join Lotus Ltd, North America’s largest Lotus Owners Club. Quite a few Elite owners in the club and would be more than helpful to offer any advice or help you might need in the future. Kind Regards Richard
  14. Great day at Silverstone Lotus yesterday with the 88. Lovely people, great coffee and toasted tea cakes.....oh, and some lovely cars.
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