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  1. Went to Nick Adams leaving BBQ this afternoon......good turnout.
  2. Hi Stephanie. How about a nice Senna Canvas.........more to choose from. Look on FB Parramint Pictures. Regards Richard
  3. 'Lotus Brand Amdassador'. I have been told that Lotus only need one ambassador!!!!!!!
  4. Chipp, it was a publicity stunt by Graham Arnold the sales director at Lotus in the 60's. The car is a Lotus 51 formula ford that was made road legal. They also made a Lotus 61 in camouflage with a fake machine gun mounted on the front....those were the days.
  5. From memory Malcolm Ginsberg was the editor, it was printed by a company in Elmswell Suffolk. Internal 'magazine' for Lotus staff. Then Graham Arnold took it over and it became Lotus, the magazine of the Marque....only 5 editions...similar to Dany's magazine except in price 2/6p......12.5p!!!
  6. Call me old fashion but I see nothing wrong with these ? Apart from 2 being upside down!!
  7. If you haven't anything set up for a tour of Classic Team Lotus contact me on
  8. Are you also looking around Classic Team Lotus?
  9. They did make a Special Equipment Cortina......
  10. G'day chaps, Currently in Sydney, flying to Brisbane tomorrow morning for 'my life at Lotus' presentation at the Lotus dealer on Wednesday........busy surfing..... the Internet. Richard
  11. Fantastic event, I help auction goods on the Saturday night...over £4000 raised and was the speaker on the Sunday night banquet. Another four speeches around WA before I get back to the U.K. Lovely people, all very friendly....and laughed at my jokes!!!
  12. This is the 3rd image avaiable on canvas, a unique collection. Jutta Fausel is a professional photographer in the 60's, she had a chance to photograph drivers, owners and mechanics at close quarters. Now retired and living in California she has given me permission to reproduce a selection of her photograhs onto canvas. Each one will be a limited edition, for details please contact me
  13. Just a quick update.....5 only places avaiable......
  14. So very kind Trevor, you can't keep a Lotus man down!
  15. Hi Everyone Some of you will remember the tragic death of Norfolk girl Hannah Witheridge last year in Thailand. The case comes to court in July and naturally her parents will want to go and follow the case. The cost of travel plus interpreter will be around £12,000. Clive Chapman has kindly agreed for me to run a tour with the proceeds going to the family. The date is March 8th at 11am at a cost of £25pp to 15 people. Please contact me at to secure your place. Many thanks, and hope to see you next month.....Richard Parramint.
  16. I have 2 sets of tickets for the 3 days, including roving grandstands, car park and programme voucher......can't make it. I believe the event is sold out. Contact me on
  17. Possibly a couple of items to strike off on your Bucket list...... Once again I'm putting together a trip to include Goodwood(3days) Lotus factory, possibly a driver day at the test track, a tour of Classic Team Lotus etc. The trip will be limited 8 travellers, for more details contact me on Thanks for your time Richard Parramint
  18. The Ronnie autograph I managed to get at Snetterton when he was testing. Had to follow him into a bush while he took a pee.....they made you work hard for an autograph in those days. The Jochen autograph I got from a friend at Team Lotus. Hi Tony You have some wonderful stuff. Hope your Dad is getting along OK, I was speaking about him while in Malaysia in January to a Proton shareholder who spoke very highly of your Dad.
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