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  1. I went to the official plaque laying ceremony at Hethel in 1966, Jimmy was there with Mr Chapman. I plunked up courage to ask Jimmy for his autograph, he seemed more nervous than me. 12th March 1986 at Snetterton. Ayrton was shaking down 98T prior to Brazil, he also gave me his JPS cap. Ayrton was on a visit to Ketteringham Hall.....right place right time.
  2. I managed to get this signed in 1965 when Lotus hired the village hall in Cheshunt prior to the move to Norfolk. I saw Mr Chapman standing outside with a pile of books, I asked for his autograph, he asked my name I replied Parramint, Sir. He smiled and asked my first name......I was 12 years old and the passion is still the same. This time, with the picture....I hope!
  3. RIP Mr Chapman, it was great to spend some time at Autosport. A true Lotus/Senna fan..........
  4. Hi All I need to rent a room somewhere around White City. My son is working at the BBC for a month starting Tuesday, any help would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted on Many thanks Richard
  5. Hi All Bob Dance and I are going along to LOG, have attended the last 8/9 years. First class organisation and you will make lots of new friends. Richard
  6. 'Mr. Parramint'....I really like the sound of that Mr Munday
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