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  1. LDA was already franchised was it not?  I thought only the Hethel one was actually owned and run by Lotus, the others under licence.

    The Hethel based LDA is franchised.....nothing to do with Lotus.

  2. Jim Clark Trust auction item complete. 
    This one off book donated by Classic Team Lotus and signed by key Team Lotus personnel of the period, also by Mrs. Chapman and Clive who has also added comments. 
    It will be auctioned at the Lotus Owners Gathering in Birmingham Alabama on May 20th....please message me if you would like to bid. 
    Richard Parramint




  3. The Jim Clark Trust. 
    On Saturday May 20th at the Lotus Owners Gathering in Birmingham Alabama I will be auctioning the book below kindly donated by Classic Team Lotus.

    The book has been signed by various mechanics from the period, also Mike Costin and Jackie Oliver.  Mrs. Chapman and Clive Chapman have also signed it.  

    This is a unique chance to own what will be I think a great investment, and in doing so the monies going to a fantastic cause.
    Please message me for details and also if you wish to bid.

    Thank you
    Richard Parramint.



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  4. I remember taking it to the studio's, never watched the program but I was taken to the Woolpack set for a look around.  Also almost delivered an Evora to the Coronation Street set instead of another studio....the chap who runs the Rovers and taxi company stopped filming while he came over to have a look......happy days!!

  5. Jonny, we sold a lot of cars for dealers and showed potential customers what Lotus DNA was all about.  Sadly it has gone downhill which is very sad.

    I interviewed Al McQueen, Chief Instructor and test driver at Lotus for over 40 years for the American Lotus Remarque magazine a month ago.  He started the academy in 1999, he said it was the proudest moment of his career.......a lot of good people......instructors, coordinators, technicians put there heart and souls into running those events but it seems that 'the cars sell themselves'..........

  6. I wonder if anyone can help and point me in the direction of LF1-58 (Type77 Japanese winning car)  I have the steering wheel from Mario's car and hopefully getting it signed next month.

    many thanks


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