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  1. I'm not sure if your 93.5/S4? (usually the 93.5 SE is USA only) and the S4 is the later rounder body style, has the same ball joint as my 89SE. Looks like the later cars had a different wiper arm assembly and ball joint at some point.
  2. on my 89 SE, the socket was a plastic piece that was riveted to the metal arm, and surrounded with a hoop of metal. It should pop off easy, but the plastic will be brittle. As you saw, since you messaged me, mine broke when I first bought my SE in 2000 (first day owning the car) so I made that metal replacement. These days you could also probably try a 3D printed version! I have the .STL files if you need them.
  3. XJR-15 had the shifter in the same location
  4. Funny enough... Lotus borrowed my Esprit in January for asbestos testing. They were only testing the door assembly. Lotus had the paperwork that proved their cars didn't have asbestos, but they were being sued, along with pretty much all other manufacturers, so they had to have an independent lab do the testing. And they used my car in Colorado.
  5. The secondary injector resistor just limits the current flowing through the secondary injectors, which are high impedance @14 Ohm, and wired in parallel. The other pins on the resistor are not connected.
  6. Just use a pick or a hook to pry out one side of the wire bail on each injector connector to release them.
  7. That idea should work fine. At a quick glance, I think those would replicate the version on the Esprit.
  8. I have a set like those. I've used them a lot! I had to use them to move the car during an engine removal in a garage with too low of a ceiling, moved the car out from under the engine.
  9. The McLaren F1 was 3000hours for the carbon chassis The McMerc SLR was ~130hrs if I recall correctly The McLaren Mp4-12c was down to 4 hours.
  10. These are the other crosses that i have found. Last time I looked they were easy to buy... CANISTER. Fuel Tank Evaporator/Purge Control This Fits Your Chevrolet Part Number: 17092109 Supersession(s): 215-163; 215163; 17088038; 17090155; 17088061 CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(W/SOLENOID & VALVE)(CODE 17088061)(ACDelco #215-163). CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(W/SOLENOID)(ACDelco #215-163). CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(ACDelco #215-163). CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(INCL. SOLENOID)(ACDelco #215-163). CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(2 PORTS, ONE TERMINAL)(ACDelco #215-163). CANISTER,EVAP EMIS(CODE 17090155)(ACDelco #215-163).
  11. I know someone who that happened to at ~162mph on the salt flats after losing drive at around 211mph (modified Esprit). In his case it was the 5th gear itself that fell off and locked up the transmission.
  12. The purge solenoid is part of the canister, replacement parts are not expensive. I replaced mine due to a stalling on a hot day. Venting the fuel fillers allowed the car to start, so the logic was that the charcoal canister purge solenoid wasn't venting enough or at the proper times when the engine could handle the excess fuel vapor. The replacement parts are ACDELCO 215-163 Vapor Canister GENERAL MOTORS OE: 17092109
  13. Google "jalopnik rich energy" they have done a series of interesting articles on Rich Energy!
  14. Nearly 60 Percent of Lamborghini's Sales So Far This Year Have Been Urus SUVs
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