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  1. Vulcan Grey

    front suspension

    Remove the caliper and hang that from a wire , keeping the brake line attached. Get those safety hooks on the spring compressor!!!
  2. Vulcan Grey

    front suspension

    I nearly lost my face... And cut a finger to the tendon, when an Esprit spring slipped out of the spring compressors. DO NOT get lazy and forget to use the safety hooks and straps. You can unbolt the sway bar mounts from the chassis and push the lower wishbone down with a friend or a prybar.
  3. Vulcan Grey

    Engine stops

    If you can replicate it, try removing the gas caps to vent the fuel tank pressure to see if it is easier to start. Or you could clamp the charcoal canister purge line to the intake manifold, as a test. I had some hot stalling once, venting the fuel tanks allowed the car to start, and replacing the charcoal canister fixed the issue.
  4. Yes, that is the bleed to atmosphere
  5. Looks like the correct Metri-pack 150 type to me. SEALED METRI-PACK 150 SERIES CONNECTORS AND LOCKS Two-Way WHITE PRODUCTS P/N OEM P/N DESCRIPTION A F150SS-2 12052641 Female Connector Assembly B 150TPA-2 12052634 TPA Lock C M150SS-2 12162000 Male Connector Assembly
  6. Vulcan Grey

    Ocassional stall while idling 1998 gt3

    Like Barry said, most likely an IAC issue (Idle Air Control stepper motor). It may just need a reset, or a cleaning. If that doesn't help then there is a procedure in the EHM manual to adjust the minimum air rate bleed screw to the proper range so that IAC is between 20-40 counts (monitered with freescan or Espritmon. DO not adjust this screw by ear, as that will mess with the ability of the IAC to control the idle.
  7. you can access the light bulb from inside, there is a rubber beak like seal that you have to get your fingers inside. Removing that colored plastic assembly does require the lower valence and at least part of the bumper cover to be removed though...
  8. won't be brake pads. But could be belt rubber dust. Double check the belts are not rubbing on anything. Are the boost hoses on the chargecooler tight? do you hear a "wheeeeeeeee" noise, and lack boost?
  9. the non-recirculating BOV's can blow oil particles into the engine bay.
  10. Vulcan Grey

    Future of Lotus

    @Bravo73 I think you are thinking of the Evora that ran in the GTE class at LeMans and in the ALMS series. The GTE race car was very different, often describe as being more like a prototype, and did have the engine moved more into the rear seat area.
  11. Vulcan Grey

    SE High Wing C Service

    happened to me once, long ago, right after a timing belt change at 50k miles. (I didn't rebuild the water pump)
  12. Vulcan Grey

    Congratulations to our CEO

    Happy Birthday Bibs!
  13. minimum 18inHg (61kPA) Should hold when engine is shut off, and shouldn't go down too fast.
  14. Vulcan Grey

    Front wheel bushes

    I couldn't get my lower ball joints free with the pickle fork either. I ended up using a normal ball joint tool, cranking on it until it almost broke, and while it was still on the ball joint... then hitting the threads of the ball joint stud sideways with a chisel punch. The entire thing sprang apart! Wear gloves and eye protection, and leave the nut loose on the end of the stud.