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  1. Vulcan Grey

    Lotus SUV...

    And now Ferrari has said the name of their SUV... Purosangue
  2. Vulcan Grey

    Future of Lotus

    The Lotus patent images remind me of the new Acura RDX dash
  3. Vulcan Grey

    RC Injectors

    yeah some people have had problems with the newer Five-O green and black injectors in the Esprit... Not the o-ring groove, the slot in the plastic under the o-ring for the rail clips. Use the top-most slot on the fuel injector for these clips Slots seen here in the yellow, just under the blue o-rings. for example
  4. Vulcan Grey

    RC Injectors

    They are a straight swap, though they are a little short. SO make sure you clip them in the top slot on the injector. The spry pattern is different, but I've only heard good reviews.
  5. Vulcan Grey

    So what interesting thing did you do or find at work today ?

    WHen I was a young kid, my mom found a few snakes at her work and brought them home to me as pets... One looked like this The guys at her work were afraid of it.
  6. Vulcan Grey

    nice video with Harry Metcalfe

    Yes, been posted here a few times. Se discussion here
  7. How are your exhaust tips aligned in the valence? I normally loosen everything up, including the down pipe with the cat from the turbo. align the tips, and make sure the muffler body isn't touching, and then tighten everything up, making sure there are no exhaust leaks. You can also install washers to space the muffler down a bit.
  8. Vulcan Grey

    Fuel filler flap release

    Mine wouldn't release fora while, I sprayed a lube for bicycles on the solenoids, and they work fine now. The old grease was a sticky. You can see the system here. But the image showing removal of the rim panels is incorrect, you can just reach up from above the battery on one side, and the same on the other side of the car.
  9. Vulcan Grey

    This Cannot be Happening! Opinions, please!

    the timing belts is not bad with engine in place. In your case, carefully turn the engine to TDC and then zip-tie the belt to the cam sprockets before removing it from the crank pulley, I like to mark the belt the crank pulley and the engine in a line with water based acrylic paint so I can get the belt back on the same tooth quickly.
  10. Vulcan Grey

    This Cannot be Happening! Opinions, please!

    you should be able to remove the crank pulley with engine in place, especially now that you don't need to worry about damaging it. Use some penetrating oil like PB Blaster and tap it with a rocking motion to get it loose. The actual puller tool is small and doesn't take up much room. Here's the one I made. This has happened a few times, some were recently posted on facebook, it looks like the design/machining left very little material near that hole, and then some corrosion got in and expanded the metal, cracking it. You might be able to break the pulley off, clean up the corrosion, and install the new pulley without removing the motor.
  11. Vulcan Grey

    Ignition question

    That happened once when I forgot to reattach a ground wire for the badly installed Alpine alarm that a previous owner had installed. Later, I just ripped the entire alarm out... One step at a time to make sure I could still start the car. you might also look for a procedure for your particular alarm to disable or reset it...
  12. Vulcan Grey

    front suspension

    Remove the caliper and hang that from a wire , keeping the brake line attached. Get those safety hooks on the spring compressor!!!
  13. Vulcan Grey

    front suspension

    I nearly lost my face... And cut a finger to the tendon, when an Esprit spring slipped out of the spring compressors. DO NOT get lazy and forget to use the safety hooks and straps. You can unbolt the sway bar mounts from the chassis and push the lower wishbone down with a friend or a prybar.
  14. Vulcan Grey

    Engine stops

    If you can replicate it, try removing the gas caps to vent the fuel tank pressure to see if it is easier to start. Or you could clamp the charcoal canister purge line to the intake manifold, as a test. I had some hot stalling once, venting the fuel tanks allowed the car to start, and replacing the charcoal canister fixed the issue.