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  1. There's a tube frame Esprit project here
  2. It's threads like these that remind me of how little rust my car has... An 89SE with 84k miles. My rust is the shade of transparent...
  3. If it were the same backbone layout, then it would probably be similar to the Zenos chassis.
  4. Had a Pirelli PZero Rosso front tire start to fail in the middle of a 900 miles trip home from a Lotus Owner's Gathering. It was actually a manufacturing defect, the tire plies hadn't bonded properly. Held till I got home! Now I have my Brembo Race brakes with 328mmx35mm rotors, so the spare won't fit anymore. My friend has blown several tiers on his X180-R Esprit on the street and track. One front tire blew at high speed and also cut his front oil cooler hose. I've had a puncture and a slice (at the same time) on my daily driver with low profile tires. Tire got so hot it was hard to hold.
  5. I live in a dry climate... No rust! I've never had any problem removing manifold or turbo...
  6. The spark plug should be NGK BPR6EKN (copper) I know some people like to use the iridium plugs, but I've heard of problems over the years I've been active with the Esprit Delco injected cars... Besides, it's not the kind of engine that you want to let go 100,000 miles without checking the health of the cylinders by looking at the plugs. Also with increasing boost, you generally need to go to a tighter spark plug gap, so I'd want to stay within the spec, rather than wider.
  7. The earlier Evora seats are Recaro Sportster CS, these are the dimensions... You could measure your car. I have Elise seats in my Esprit, gave me a lot more leg and headroom, but are not as comfortable as Evora Seats!
  8. I had a problem where my interior fan wouldn't spin, and it would blow the fuse. It was the old grease on the motor shaft! It was too old and sticky, the motor would overload trying to spin the fan, and then pop the fuse. It might be loading the system, and it doesn't have enough amps until the ABS pump is done...
  9. rather than a big rectangular screen...
  10. I should add these are only for the GMP4 Delco electronic injected cars.
  11. Yes same for all 89+ 4cyl, SE-S4s and Gt3
  12. Most likely exhaust back pressure valve failed shut.
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