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  1. After having mine in the neighbors garage for the last 2 years. And mostly 1 car garages before that. I finally have a 3 car garage! I plan to do a 4 post lift next, and may get another Lotus in the near future.
  2. To me it looks like the block is fine. The crank is s little worn, could be machined smooth if there are shims thick enough to make the end float correct. The flange does not need to be that strong. The MBP needs to be repaired so that the shims are held and can't spin again. I think someone installed the thrust washers backwards...
  3. it really doesn't take much to remove the shafts... There is no pre-load measurement with the shafts in place. You could measure the backlash at the crownwheel to see if the gap has opened up. If you have replaced the bearings, races, or adjusted the differential pre-load nut... then Don't worry about it. No need to change the differential pre-load unless you've noticed some noise or an issue, or replaced those things.
  4. @gtookey The crank moved 1/5 of an inch with a thrust washer missing? Correct? Please post a photo of your crank flange. And your block where the thrust washers go as well! It may actually be usable with thicker thrust washers, not much strength is needed in that area. I would suggest you measure the gaps between crank and block in that area, and see if a set of thicker washers would correct the end float.
  5. JAE in California carries thicker thrust washers. Give them a call when you measure your thrust.
  6. Seems hard to believe the configurator couldn't be hosted in the cloud with the rendering on a cloud server... Everybody is doing that these days.
  7. Just noticed this thread. Big RUSH fan, have all their albums in CD and had tape... Saw then live many times. I saw this all over the news and Facebook immediately when it happened. Very sad.
  8. I always thought the original Elite was really modern The one I drove though seemed to have the dash wrap more into the door, if I remember right... Then I also got to sit in the 2010 Elite. I did like all the little details.
  9. Forgot to post the new little guy Ollie.
  10. JAE in California just had those remade. They look good. Give them a call.
  11. It's likely that your ECU is fried... It's good that they are cheap to replace. Do Not sell or give away or throw away your MEMCAL cartridge!!! That is worth it's weight in gold, and you need it for your new ECU. That MEMCAL is Lotus Esprit specific! The ECU wires should look more like this. SO maybe it's worth it to tray and get your wires figured out before plugging in a new ECU.
  12. Start by fixing that MAP sensor elbow, and make sure there are no leaks for that MAP sensor! That alone will cause really poor running at idle, stalling, etc..
  13. Here you go. Welcome to The Lotus Forums!
  14. The o-rings are 14mm. I bought a cheap injector cleaning kit on ebay for $9 that snaps onto an injector. I also wired up a cable that clips onto a battery and uses a pushbutton and relay to activate the injector for short bursts. I also actually found that transmission flush does a better job of cleaning out the injectors. Much better than injector cleaner.
  15. Sport 300... And the Angelina Jolie Nicolas Cage purple Diablo.
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