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  1. I agree that the cheap versions on amazon and ebay are of questionable quality. However... they are cheap! I read reviews supposedly written by people who said they had tried the expensive ~$400+ Harley Davidson Daymaker LED headlights and then compared them to the $35 Amazon version. And they thought the amazon version was definitely as good and much more worth the $.

    At $35 I can afford to buy these and try them out.

    My car had the H4 E-Code non sealed bulb, originally the USA version all came with horrible sealed bulbs that had not changed since sometime in the middle of last century!  The sealed bulbs were useless on a car that can go over 30mph, and the headlights were better but not great (while blinding anyone who might see them in the 0.25s that it took for me to turn them off). SO I ended up only using the brights in the countryside.

    If these LED are as much improvement as they appeared to be in my garage, and I can see any better, then I'll be very happy!

    The price for the LED units including Sanj's adapter brackets, were much less than the price for the similar kit from PNM. Sanj's bracket is also backwards compatible with the original headlights!

  2. I definitely needed a longer reach 2 ton engine hoist (1570mm jib) to reach the engine in my 89 Esprit. I tried the 1 ton version (1173mm reach) and that did not reach far enough.

    It's much more difficult to raise the crane high enough to pull from the side. Pulling from the rear is much easier.


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  3. As someone who's tried to rinse dirt/oil/anything out of carpet... It takes for F'ing ever and a metric tonne of water and soap!

    I can't see using it in a garage, especially with a car that is ever driven in the rain/mud/snow/salt.


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  4. 9 hours ago, windymiller said:

    so how was that to prep and lay ?? take it you add a catalyst ?

    It was in a new house. The concrete had been poured months before, but no spills yet. I did have to grind the floor, since the new concrete crust isn't great for adhesion. I rented a concrete floor grinder, took a few hours. I washed the dust off. The pouring of the polycuramine epoxy is fast and simple. It comes in two parts of a pouch that you squeeze one part into the other and then mix for 15s. Pour it out and spread with a roller. I have a 3 car garage and it took approx 3 kits of the 2.5car garage to get the coverage that I wanted. I also sealed the seams with Sika sealant.

    I used


    Nice thing is that all the dirt and salt from the winter driving, just wipes off!

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  5. Hey Derek,

    I don't have a photo showing my BOSCH pump engraving apparently. I believe Ian is saying he bought a 69218, which has 0 580 453 477 on it.

    That pump is listed as a cross reference for the 5.7L 1989 Chevrolet Corvette V8.

    At the time I looked in 2011, I couldn't find any listing of the flow. Which catalog are you looking at?

  6. 5 hours ago, sailorbob said:

    Are you sure the Bosch 0 580 453 477 is suitable? Bosch lists its flow rate as 105 l/hr at 3 bar. Lotus state the OE pump is capable of delivering 4 - 5 times the maximum fuel required at 3.8 bar.

    Derek,  I have read that in the Lotus manual... However, they did fit a higher output pump to the X180-R and another even larger one to the Sport 300... If the original SE Delco pump were good for 3-4x the fuel requirements of the engine at 264hp to 280hp, then why the larger pump for 280-300hp? If I recall correctly the SE pump was rated for 120Lph? Could be wrong.

    In my experience, I had an X180-R pump (original lightly used from a friend's X180-R that I put in my car in 2002). It died in 2011.  I started to get a boost cut, to the mechanical wastegate limit, for several minutes and a surge and back fire. 

    I replaced the pump and drove again on the same 90F day within 1 hour and the lean condition was gone. 

    I do have an A:F meter in the car, and after the new pump I was getting 10.1:1, 11.1:, 12.2:1 at WOT in various gears, with a 14.6:1 at idle or coasting. The static fuel pressure was high with no loss after an hour. The idle pressure was 43psi, and the max pressure with boost was about 57-60psi.

    Spark plugs looked good, not lean. 


  7. It says on the carb cleaner can not to use on injected engines...


    Carb cleaner is "acetone, tolulene, and carbon dioxide"

    Transmission flush is "Petroleum distilates, Stoddard Solvent, isopropyl alcohol, and carbon dioxide" and is supposed to be harmless to rubber seals and the filter.

    Acetone can melt rubber and plastic.


    You are correct, that old photo of my bracket was on backwards. If I remember correctly I took that photo to send to a friend who had bought RC injectors that are shorter than the injectors that I use.


  8. I found that injector cleaner didn't work well, the spray pattern was still pretty bad, and carb cleaner shouldn't be used on injected vehicles.

    So I used automatic transmission flush worked much better and very fast. This brand has 

     "Lubegard 19001 Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen Trasmission Line Flush, 13.25 oz."

    I used a wire harness that I made with a push button to actuate the injector, and an injector cleaning kit from ebay.


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