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  1. And what about their own gearbox? Why don't use it?
  2. If you fall in love with this oval tail pipe, you have to look at the Larini Exhaust. But I'm agree with, the nicest is the one on the Carbon Concept Evora. http://www.sector111...ort-exhaust.cfm Myka
  3. Here in Chrome Orange
  4. I didn't like the Carbon Grey the first time that I saw one at my dealer. Now I really love this color ! Very "chic" ;-) No paint job, no factory work. Just a gloss black 3M vynil. Wanted to try before a paint job... The vynil will never look like a paint, and really fragile when you wash it. You have twirls and so on... But the paint job is not reversible. So, I think to keep the vynil on the roof, and I odered 2 mirrors caps to paint them. As this, I could go back OEM if wished. Myka
  5. My dealer invites me every year for the Lotus Day on Spa that he organize. I'll be there for the next edition... Why does he invite all his customers every year if they loose the warranty with trackdays?
  6. Nobody tought about the last Yoko AD08? It's available in the right sizes... It's not the cheapest, but could be a good one on this car, no? Myka
  7. Rear badge went off during handwashing... The engine cover is a joke, really expensive joke. Not lighter than the OE one, paint job is awfull, I will send some pics of it. Really don't know what is it made for.
  8. Hi Bibs, Yes the car is amazing on this track. Quite easier than my ex-Europa SE or 211 on fast corners ! Brakes are still ok after a few laps. Better reactions on bumps, the rebound is excellent. Need a bit more HP, but it's the same for every car, especially there. You can go on the brakes really hard, really late in the corner, you put the noose anywhere you want, the rear slides slowly, you can feel it and play with, excellent ! I really love this car !
  9. Hi all, It was me on the ring on this Monday. The warranty says "no TIMED" lap. You can go on track, but not to "race" the car on it. My dealer was on track with his Evora (Spa) and he invites me to go on track, so no problem with the warranty on track if no lap timer. Myka
  10. Yes, depends of Premium Pack or not. Leather with it, felt without.
  11. In fact, it's an "old" review... The video was already on youtube in july 2009.
  12. Hi Tam ! I had the T1R on the Europa. Sides were not stiff enough for the Europa weight. I think they would be good on a 211. Massive use in rally when they don't have "racing tyres". Worth to try them Myka
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