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  1. Very nice, almost sounds like a Vantage
  2. MB1

    Evora S

    I looked pretty thoroughly, but thanks for that I did say official there, and there's very limited info on the Lotus site this far. More patience needed for me then Cheers.
  3. MB1

    Evora S

    There's no real problem, just surprise, hence my post. I don't visit here that often and just thought there would be some news / discussion given it's the top model the produce and seems to be the Evora everyone has been waiting for. Also surprised at the lack of official info and pictures from Lotus. The info Yorkshire is more info than i've seen from anywhere! But at least this has got people talking But we can discuss it here I guess given there isn't a suitable Evora area.
  4. MB1

    Evora S

    I may be being stupid, but I can't see any threads on here about the Evora S? Also is anyone else disappointed about the lack of focus on it from the Lotus show? I know they released a load of dreamland concepts, but I thought they might show some more stuff about a car they actually make! Even the link to it on the Lotus site is duff. Just a single picture of the car. Odd.
  5. I'm quite excited about this, and held back from buying an NA one in the hope a big BHP version would come along, and I know others did too. I just hope that... 1) It's got a few cosmetic mods 2) It's as fast as I hope it will be 3) It's not as expensive as I fear it will be (£65k)
  6. Tim, did I meet you at Spa a couple of weeks back? I was in the S2000 again!
  7. Unlike Nissan and the GTR! I'm even surprised to hear Lotus mentioning track inspections though, and denying warranty on the Evora is a big thumbs down. Like Porsche, they sell cars on the basis that they should be good for track use out of the box.
  8. Very nice! Did your roof come in that colour or did you have it painted afterwards? Looke better now. Bibs, I know who you are now
  9. Wasn't a big guy with a white GT3 was it?? I saw the guy with the red Z4M, he was chatting to my mate Jonny (very modified NA Exige)
  10. Fortunately not Bibs! He went off at the Foxhole. His car is sadly dead, but the driver was fine and in great spirits. THis was mine:
  11. I saw the blue Evora there on Monday, as I was on the closed Bookatrack day (I was in an S2000 though as i've sold my Exige) Was your car there for Lotus press photography??
  12. 350 will do then But as with anything forced induction, more power is easy I susppose there is a chance it will be normally aspirated, whihc would be much preferred.
  13. Squid, i'd say a maximum of an 8k hike in price for a 400 bhp car. If they get into second hand GT3 territtory, there is only one winner there for me. It's already the price of a GTR, so I agree the current prices are too high imo. I also think the Exige S price has gone silly too. I was happy paying 30k for a near new one, but £40k plus is just not justifiable.
  14. I'd bet Komotec come up with something fairly soon too...
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