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  1. Interesting perspective. My first semi-auto, flappy paddle box was on my Evora S, at first I started to question my decision but eventually it grew on me. The past few years with McLaren's double clutch system is something else though. I've never experienced gear shifts like those before, seamless, blindlngly quick and yet I don't feel I'm missing out on any engagement with the car, quite the opposite in fact. That box is part of the nature of the car, it's vital to the enjoyment and the experience of really driving it, in comes alive in Sport mode, it's nothing sort of brutal in Track mode, y
  2. Definitely watching with interest here, can't wait to see it!
  3. 2022... is that the projected launch for the new Esprit? Can they please hurry up as I'm not getting any younger!
  4. I bought my first Lotus in '87, a '67 Elan S3 SE, lovely car. After that I had a Caterham ( almost a Lotus, I loved it but not in the wet! ), then after a long gap came a Series 1 Elise, followed by an S2 111 and finally an Evora S IPS, which again I absolutely loved. None of them were trouble, like Neal H, I never got stranded once, don't even recall needing the AA/RAC. One had a few more niggles with one than the other's, the S1 Elise used to fill up with water in the rain but I was younger and didn't mind the foot bath. The only car that refused to budge on one occasion was the Caterham. No
  5. We bought a Nissan Leaf a year ago, really just as a toe in the water EV, see how we feel about it... honestly it's been amazing. The range in something like 150 miles, not great for a long trip but day to day pottering around it's perfect, zero anxiety after the first couple of weeks once we gave up obsessing over the range read out! We'd not realised there's a wait for the fast charger to be installed so we started charging it off the standard 3 pin socket and it's fine, charges up overnight, never a problem. Plan A is to consolidate the runabout and the Mrs's 4x4 ( proper rural we need one
  6. I've always fancied an S3 Esprit, I just love the clean lines of the n/a cars. A Ferrari 246 Dino has always been up there , I can't see that one happening given the £300k price tag, I met a guy bought 2 for restoration in the 80's, £14k the pair... right place, right time I guess! Beyond that a nice E-Type wouldn't be a bad thing, maybe an XK140, Roadster in Racing Green, a nice Austin Healy 3000, something for the weekend Sir? Too many more to list...
  7. So it would seem! The video was taken down a few days ago and an apology posted on the MOC, word is only 4% of members responded to the posters enquiry. It's a shame though, I never let the small talk put me off countless years of Lotus ownership and McLaren have worked hard over the past few years to improve things, sadly it's a lot easier to tarnish a reputation than to build one up.
  8. That's the overall feeling... think of the rep Lotus had, or perhaps still do in some circles, it's hard to shake off, even more difficult in this day and age. The cars are solid though, hand built so not without the occasional niggle, nothing that's ever stopped me driving or enjoying them, very similar to my Lotus experiences. As for that vid, I guess I stick out like a 'sore thumb'... likewise most owners I've met, I've not sure what to make of it, certainly not my experience in over 3 years of ownership.
  9. Very true, I loved my Evora, just couldn't resist that extra stretch to a McLaren though. I'd love to see the companies pool resources, they're so similar in many ways, ethos, heritage. It'll never happen but hey...
  10. Nope, I've had 2 Mac's both from new so in warranty. I've never had issues with alignment, my dealer's been good too with big improvements made over the past few years, it's great to see the independents coming onboard too, McLaren need that, so many cars out there now, the dealers are a bit swamped. I wouldn't want to own one without a warranty or taking out the annual once the original's run out, things can get out of hand very quickly if you're unlucky. Honestly though, I loved my Evora S and was apprehensive at first, I got in with the entry level 540 but I got hooked, I love the company,
  11. All I can say is I'm on my 2nd Mac, no real issues with either, the current one's cheaper to run and far more reliable than the wife's Audi... stunning cars but could be tempted back to Lotus someday.
  12. To be fair whoever bought one back in day has made a mint, but there's no cheap way to run a £15m hyper car. 'Normal' Mac's are a lot more reasonable to service though... courtesy of B&C too these days!
  13. I just bought one... the mag not the car, ( for now at least! 😎 ).
  14. Tyres being a big thing at that level of performance. McLaren reckon with the Speedtail, above 250mph the tyres required would make the ride far too harsh to fulfill it's GT, hyper car brief.
  15. Has to be... it's something Lotus can lead the field on, very excited to see where this leads.
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