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  1. Definitely, although I just spent an evening in an Artura, probably the wrong place to say this but it's mind blowing... shame about the ££££££! Now.... Did I hear something about 'Special Edition' Emira's, ie paint jobs? Seems a tad early for that one. but it's inevitable and never a bad thing!
  2. Very true, McLaren have changed their product line a lot in the past couple of years, no more entry level Sports Series, future models will all start above £200k, eye watering for most folks. I'd love to have seen a sort of McLotus, Mac provide the chassis and some additional tech, Lotus package in an affordable package. Be a good way for Lotus to get back into F1 too! Dream on...
  3. Yep, the Artura's a stunning piece of kit but the price is eye watering. I'm still seriously enjoying the Mac, the GT's the best car I've owned, but the I4's especially temping while I wait for Lotus to announce the EV Esprit... a guy can dream right?
  4. Today I was driving through Lewes, spotted a Lotus dealership and dropped in... who knew? The Emira looks the part, ( definitely Evora Mk2 but I'm not going there... 😈 ), I wasn't a massive fan of the various black placcy vents etc. but I'm sure they could be painted, or maybe will make carbon versions for slightly less than the cost of the car. Anyway.. After 7 years out of the marque I could see myself being tempted back, I'm extremely happy with where I am currently but I'll be changing my ride again in a year, ( another 3 years warranty period up! ), and I'd be daft not to consider a Lotus of some sort, especially when you consider 3 x i4's would be about the same as price an McArtura... Tempting... and nice to be talking Lotus again. 😎
  5. Jeez... that's not good! I put a deposit down pre-reveal, sadly bailed a few months later when I realised the i4 was going to be a long way off. I've still not seen an Emira, it still appeals but '24 is a long way off and that may well be optimisic... is that the bottom line right now?
  6. Sounds about right, I cancelled mine back in September when I was told the i4 was going to be another year. It'll be worth the wait I've no doubt, it's an unpredictable world though.
  7. So what's the expected first delivery on i4's now?
  8. I've had McLaren' for almost 6 years now, many Lotus cars before that... It's a tough call, the McLaren's a whole different machine, carbon chassis, lots of tech, bepsoke v8 etc. Touch wood I've had very few niggles over that time, probably less than with my Lotus cars so no big deal, add to that I get my servicing done by Bell & Colville who used to look after my's just like old times! That said... I've been thinking of a change for a while now, I had deposit on an Emira right at the start but wanted the 4pot and even way back in was apparent deliveries of those would be 2023... and that was before all hell broke loose in the world! I thought about the Artura, again long delays and big ticket too, even if I wanted to fork out, lease, sell a kidney I'm not convinced I could justify it! I'm a little in limbo right now, the McLaren's an amazing car, but in all honesty if Lotus had an EV version of the Emira I'd be biting their arms off right now, even if the lead time would be massive... in fact if anyone had a decent EV sports I'd be keen! The SUV doesn't appeal but I get it. As for talking the OP out of a McLaren I wouldn't discount a 570's, there's a bunch around at almost 'reasonable' prices , they're mostly well sorted cars, all the usual FSH stuff applies and does the extended warranty.
  9. It's not for me either, despite actively looking for an EV/SUV, pricing's probably 'cheap' for a hyper SUV, ( whatever that is! ), but more than's required for our daily muddy drive, trips to the dump etc. I'd have been camping outside Hethel if they'd offered the Emira with an EV option, this is exciting though, the new EV/Esprit/Emira's got to be around the corner...
  10. Have no fear, there's zero chance of that!
  11. That was an option but with delivery's for the i4's at least a year off I knew I'd get itchy, especially as the warranty's up on my current car in the months so I'll probably end up actively looking around or pay the extended cost. I feel sad about it but I've no doubt I'll be back in a Lotus sometime, soon..... ish.
  12. I just had a call from Lotus, all very helpful but a year's too long to wait for the AMG engined car so I've asked for the deposit back. Lotus have sent an email asking for confirmation and the order number, seems simple enough. It's a shame, I'm sure it'll be a great car.
  13. DCT and V6 isn't an option right? This could be an issue... don't really fancy going back to the same power/transmission combo I had in my Evora S, although once I'd got my head around my first auto box and had a few software updates it was pretty good, but after 5 year with a 'Top Quality DCT'...
  14. No DCT with the V6 though right, would that mean the same configuration as the Evora? I never had an issue with it but hoping it's been breathed on over the years,
  15. V6 appeals, shame the dual clutch system look like being on the 4 pot only, which means the old Evora engine/gearbox combo unless they've given it an extra tweak? I was intrigued to see the central screen BHP showing up to 480 on Shmee's walk around video, these things don't happen by accident, maybe a teaser? Carbon brakes would be a huge plus, I got so bored of unsticking the Evora brakes. The configurator does seem a little basic, seems there's a lot of options mentioned but not showing yet, KEF ICE for example, hoping for more info as time passes. Big fan of the dark verdant look, yellow callipers... what's the rumour on the heritage paint? Love the car, still looks like an Evora to me, but it's by far the best looking of the bunch.
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