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  1. So it would seem! The video was taken down a few days ago and an apology posted on the MOC, word is only 4% of members responded to the posters enquiry. It's a shame though, I never let the small talk put me off countless years of Lotus ownership and McLaren have worked hard over the past few years to improve things, sadly it's a lot easier to tarnish a reputation than to build one up.
  2. That's the overall feeling... think of the rep Lotus had, or perhaps still do in some circles, it's hard to shake off, even more difficult in this day and age. The cars are solid though, hand built so not without the occasional niggle, nothing that's ever stopped me driving or enjoying them, very similar to my Lotus experiences. As for that vid, I guess I stick out like a 'sore thumb'... likewise most owners I've met, I've not sure what to make of it, certainly not my experience in over 3 years of ownership.
  3. Very true, I loved my Evora, just couldn't resist that extra stretch to a McLaren though. I'd love to see the companies pool resources, they're so similar in many ways, ethos, heritage. It'll never happen but hey...
  4. Nope, I've had 2 Mac's both from new so in warranty. I've never had issues with alignment, my dealer's been good too with big improvements made over the past few years, it's great to see the independents coming onboard too, McLaren need that, so many cars out there now, the dealers are a bit swamped. I wouldn't want to own one without a warranty or taking out the annual once the original's run out, things can get out of hand very quickly if you're unlucky. Honestly though, I loved my Evora S and was apprehensive at first, I got in with the entry level 540 but I got hooked, I love the company, it's hard not to miss Lotus cars after 30+ years of obsession, I'm excited to see what new Esprit's all about.
  5. All I can say is I'm on my 2nd Mac, no real issues with either, the current one's cheaper to run and far more reliable than the wife's Audi... stunning cars but could be tempted back to Lotus someday.
  6. To be fair whoever bought one back in day has made a mint, but there's no cheap way to run a £15m hyper car. 'Normal' Mac's are a lot more reasonable to service though... courtesy of B&C too these days!
  7. I just bought one... the mag not the car, ( for now at least! ).
  8. Tyres being a big thing at that level of performance. McLaren reckon with the Speedtail, above 250mph the tyres required would make the ride far too harsh to fulfill it's GT, hyper car brief.
  9. Has to be... it's something Lotus can lead the field on, very excited to see where this leads.
  10. Make that 90% OFF the price! Stunning car though, great to see Lotus back at the pointy end.
  11. Very nice, Bibs... can you ask them to make the new Esprit pretty much like that with 90% of the looks for 90% of the price? ps Reminds me of something though.... Woking perhaps?
  12. Looks great, hopefully a halo model for the future Esprit and beyond... Anyone ordering one?
  13. I've always fancied a green car, so when the Evora was announced I had a word with my local dealer ( then Frosts in Brighton ), who told me if I ordered a car in BRG they'd want double the deposit ie 20% on the basis that 'if you chance your mind I'll be stuck with it!'. That stuck with me and when I specced my next car and I took a swerve on a deep green, again resale was a concern... next time around I won't be so concerned, still my all time favourite colour for the right car.
  14. Ha.... well I wasn't being serious but I can see similarities with the 2 companies, just differences in budget, available funds.... up to now. Exciting times ahead at Hethel, they've got a bit of catching up to do but it's all good provided the new owners respect what Lotus is all about and don't focus too much on SUV's!
  15. Maybe they should pool resources on the supercars.... unlikely I grant you, but I'm looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings for both companies especially in the hybrid/electric market.
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