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  1. Agreed, it's time for a facelift, the 430's amazing... does the job perfectly, can't see Lotus leaving it at that.
  2. I'm smitten by the Sport version... that said I'd like to know if there's a more road focused version around the corner. Same styling, ( the front's finally right IMO ), carbon options if required but less focus on the race tech. I'd add all those softie things too like air con, soundproofing, sat nav, heated seats, I even like the flappy paddle gear change! I'm guessing all of this would defeat the object of a GT4 offshoot, perhaps there's a Evora Series 3 with all the creature comforts, plenty of performance for daily driving.... please?
  3. That's a good point, my Evora S was a similar colour and especially sideways on looked very similar. The Evora's been around for 8 years now, an all round facelift wouldn't be a bad thing. That said what they've done with the front end and the carbon work is amazing, a really great job. The rear visibility worries me a little though, those louvres must make things a little tricky in that dept. That's one of many great things about the 540, all round visibility is amazing, gives you a lot of confidence. Perhaps Lotus could tempt a few ex employees back from McLaren to update the Evora?
  4. I hate to say this BUT... it's a big step forward in all departments from my old Evora, feels tighter, the power just keeps coming and the whole car feels more like it's come from an F1 factory... which it has! I like the dual clutch shift too, it's quick, precise, ( a word which applies to the car as a whole ) although I was a fan of IPS too. Their big advantage over Lotus is being able to spread the R&D costs, same engine, gearbox, clutch, carbon tub from the 12C onwards made the 540/570 possible at that price... not to mention dropping the active ride suspension and hiring a bunch of ex Lotus bods to sort the more conventional setup on the Sports Series. Throw in bucket loads of tech like brake steer, plus lots of creature comfort and it's an amazing car. On the down side they could learn a lot from B&C about aftersales but they're relatively new to the game. That said I really hope Geely give Lotus the funding they deserve, I love the new car, gives me hope for the future and an eventual return to the fold!
  5. Agreed, as much as new offering stirs the emotions the targa would be a winner. I thought it was very close, perhaps the Geely bods have decided to throw buckets of R&D cash at it and step it up a gear or two as opposed to just making a couple of panels removable? Either way the new Evora front end's a winner for me, they'd be insane not to update any future models with that design.
  6. It's a stunner but I'm wondering how much of the styling of this car and the carbon options will be applied to the forthcoming Targa, or perhaps available from the Lotus Exclusive bespoke end of things? All the looks, topless and with daily creature comforts anyone??
  7. Hard to say... it's a niche car, are they talking build numbers? If it's limited that would hike the price, there's lots of competition in that region although I've never understood the comparisons with Porker prices, different strokes. As for the car I really like the styling, for me it's most complete looking Evora to date, although I'd find a way to drop the wing if I could... I guess some sort of active aero's out of the question at the moment but perhaps with the Geely investment it might be a way to go. Personally I'd put back the creature comforts, the air con, heated seats, sat nav, etc, etc. maybe revert to a more comfortable interior but keep the carbon and the overall race car look. Price will be interesting fully specced but I'm sure it'll be an amazing drive.
  8. Love the front end, finally got the styling sorted, looks great!
  9. Maybe they're just mailing the details out today... in the in post by the weekend?
  10. At least the engine's in the right place!
  11. That's because all they have to do is launch the same thing over and over!
  12. It would be, for me it would depend on how usable will it be as a road car, although I'm probably missing the point here! All good news though, another step closer to the new Esprit?
  13. Beef it up!!!! BTW... I'm guessing it's not exactly a daily drive, targa, with comfortable seats, air-con, all mod cons and a place for your coffee?
  14. Yep, amazed here too... unless the new owners have other ideas, revised styling, more of an S3 Evora as opposed to just offering some extra fresh air. For the record I'd far sooner give Lotus my hard earned too, a new Esprit with an expanded R&D budget would be a winner I'm sure.
  15. I'm guessing it's the Evora Spider.
  16. It's an everyday car sure... the difference is probably the attention it gets though. Mine's pretty much the same colour as my Evora was ( dark grey ), so very subtle, however it's a real attention grabber in a way the Evora never was, that can get a little tiring if you're not in the mood for it.
  17. Yep, I sold it last September and moved into a Mc540. I loved the Evora dearly, it's a more than capable car but after so many years in Lotus cars I felt like a change was due and the opportunity get into a McLaren came about. I'm not done with Lotus though, I'm going to check out 400 at some stage, I hear rumours of the long awaited spider too which I'm sure will be quite a car. In short.... I be back in the fold, the question what and when! In the meantime the 540 is a stunning car, I keep saying though... it's the car Lotus should be building, the new Esprit, maybe I should just change the badge?
  18. So far my running costs on the 540 are comparable to the Evora, servicing costs are a little more but not insane, fuel consumption's fine, insurance/tax is up though. The depreciation's good at the moment too, lead times for new cars are still quite long which probably helps. They're amazing cars, as i said in a previous post, very Lotus like to drive and in terms of character.
  19. I've never seen them back to back like that since I traded my Evora S for 540, the two cars are quite similar though. The McLaren's longer and wider, but doesn't feel any bigger to drive, it's lower than both my previous Elise and Evora too and you really do need the lift option. Visabillty's perfect, the rear view's nothing like the post box slot of the Evora, the car feels more solid too, it's a stiff chassis but never a jarring ride, even in track mode. The thing you notice most is the power, it just never seems to run out, the new 720 must be insane. However... Despite all this the 540/570 does feel VERY Lotus, it really should be the new Esprit and in some ways I wish it was... Lotus is a tough habit to break after 30 years! That said I'm hoping to drive a 400/410 soon, talk of the Targa's tempting although McLaren are about to launch a 570 Spider, the price difference is looking to be huge though. Be interesting to compare them side by side...
  20. It's an insane idea but it made me smile, I'm sure it'll be a huge amount of fun to own... a lot cheaper than an Eagle E-Type too!
  21. Another older generation rocker lost... this time it's Dale 'Buffin' Griffin, of Mott The Hoople, 'All the Young Dudes' fame. He'd be ill for a long while, cruelly hit early in life by Alzheimer's, a nice guy by all accounts too. Very sad, MTH made up a huge part of the soundtrack to my youth and beyond.
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