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  1. I think it'll take more than that to get off this one....
  2. As much as I think a 'Yes' vote would be bad thing for all of us, I can see his point...
  3. Maybe it's about health and safety in the workplace, personal hygiene, staff uniforms etc?
  4. Not sure how that would go down with the Lambo Owners Club...
  5. V8 Evora.... that'll REALLY give the MPG brigade something to talk about!
  6. Somehow I can't see him moving to Lotus...
  7. Thoughts on the proposed 'No' deal are already coming from NI...
  8. I agree totally, it's the policies of this government have brought the UK to the brink of break up. Meanwhile the real issues at stake are clouded by the short term gain of removing an unpopular government with potentially catastrophic results both sides of the border.
  9. True... it seems they've been boosted by the No's campaigns initial complacency and now their desperation.
  10. So the party leaders are off to Scotland... At least Clegg's a man of his word... just ask a student! I'm sure a few nurses would be happy to vouch for Cameron's integrity too. It's all so desperate and given what's at stake really very sad.
  11. On a more general note.... I thought Audi had turned Lambo around? Are they still troublesome as a marque or was this guy just unlucky?
  12. Absolutely, too little, too late and from a government you can't trust. It'll be a disaster for all of us if Scotland vote Yes, I don't blame them for wanting to get rid of the Tories but at what cost? The No campaign's been too negative to be credible, which is a lost opportunity. I just hope people think beyond the immediate joy of sticking one in the eye to Cameron and think about future generations.
  13. Here's a chap restoring the last van...
  14. I like the rear spoiler, it's subtle and rather stylish piece of design so please to don't replace it with a barn door! How about a moveable aero type wing, something like the MP4? I don't really have a problem with the interior although a light around the key would be handy, it can be a pain to find in the dark and I still miss my Start Button! The indicator stalks could have a better return to centre too. I'd like to see more individual choice on interior trim, i.e. red piping doesn't go with everything, please bring back the Ye Olde Custom Shoppe!
  15. He's the singer with AC/DC, his show's called 'Cars that Rock'! One of the best shows I've ever seen, he just oozes enthusiasm, comes over as a really nice chap too, no airs and graces, just a true petrol head. He interviews, or rather engages with people really well too, a real natural.
  16. I'd love to see Brian Johnson in TG if he's available, his car show's amazing, funny, informative, the guy's passion for cars really comes through. Sign him up!!!!
  17. What was the owner doing while his pride and joy was showing off the Lambo BBQ option?
  18. Not bad but Muira's burn a lot better... Tragic loss that one though, stunning cars, always liked the Gallardo too.
  19. I think he believed in Lotus, he had a plan and thought he had the backing to see it through, the company was sold, new owners gave him the boot, I'm not surprised he's a little unhappy! However, it's a little unfortunate his new company 'Ares' is an anagram of...
  20. I saw one a few weeks ago, albeit coming the other way. Not sure it was going that fast but it was loud... and wide! There's a few on PH, mostly high £50k, low £60k's so not cheap. That might be a few opportunistic dealers selling at a premium or maybe that's what they cost specced up. I agree it's more interesting than a Porker, but then most things are. ps I can't stand pit bulls...
  21. Yep, in many ways the 4C is the car Lotus should be making, although the Lotus version would handle better. I'm still not 100% convinced by the squashed Evora styling, or even why people are raving about the look of the thing in the press when the better proportioned Lotus attracted some unfair critique in that area. Maybe Lotus were just ahead of the curve... again?
  22. Great race though and what a circuit...that place puts those lousy Tilke kart tracks to shame. If F1 wants to cut back on costs they could keep Monaco and Silverstone, then alternate between at Monza and Spa for all the other races. Maybe still end up in San Paolo or Suzuka every couple of years to make things interesting. Meanwhile, 6 races and 22 points to make up!
  23. Now that would be a good thing, maybe an 'economy' mode, for the frugal. All things considered I don't think the S is that bad on economy given the performance, my Elise R wasn't that much better!
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