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  1. I've had McLaren' for almost 6 years now, many Lotus cars before that... It's a tough call, the McLaren's a whole different machine, carbon chassis, lots of tech, bepsoke v8 etc. Touch wood I've had very few niggles over that time, probably less than with my Lotus cars so no big deal, add to that I get my servicing done by Bell & Colville who used to look after my's  just like old times! That said...

    I've been thinking of a change for a while now, I had deposit on an Emira right at the start but wanted the 4pot and even way back in was apparent deliveries of those would be 2023... and that was before all hell broke loose in the world! I thought about the Artura, again long delays and  big ticket too, even if I wanted to fork out, lease, sell a kidney I'm not convinced I could justify it! 

    I'm a little in limbo right now, the McLaren's an amazing car, but in all honesty if Lotus had an  EV version of the Emira I'd be biting their arms off right now, even if the lead time would be massive... in fact if anyone had a decent EV sports I'd be keen! The SUV doesn't appeal but I get it.

    As for talking the OP out of a McLaren I wouldn't discount a 570's, there's a bunch around at almost 'reasonable' prices , they're mostly well sorted cars, all the usual FSH stuff applies and does the extended warranty. 

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  2. It's not for me either, despite actively looking for an EV/SUV, pricing's probably 'cheap' for a hyper SUV, ( whatever that is! ), but more than's required for our daily  muddy drive, trips to the dump etc. I'd have been camping outside Hethel if they'd offered the Emira with an EV option, this is exciting though, the new EV/Esprit/Emira's got to be around the corner...

  3. That was an option but with delivery's for the i4's at least a year off I knew I'd get itchy, especially as the warranty's up on my current car in the months so I'll probably end up actively looking around or pay the extended cost. I feel sad about it but I've no doubt I'll be back in a Lotus sometime, soon..... ish. 

  4. I just had a call from Lotus, all very helpful but  a year's too long to wait for the AMG engined car so I've asked for the deposit back. Lotus have sent an email asking for confirmation and the order number, seems simple enough. It's a shame, I'm sure it'll be a great car.

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  5. V6 appeals, shame the dual clutch system look like being on the 4 pot only, which means the old Evora engine/gearbox combo unless they've given it an extra tweak? I was intrigued to see the central screen BHP showing up to 480 on Shmee's walk around video, these things don't happen by accident, maybe a teaser? Carbon brakes would be a huge plus, I got so bored of unsticking the Evora brakes. The configurator does seem a little basic, seems there's a lot of options mentioned but not showing yet, KEF ICE for example, hoping for more info as time passes. Big fan of the dark verdant look, yellow callipers... what's the rumour on the heritage paint? Love the car, still looks like an Evora to me, but it's by far the best looking of the bunch. 

  6. On 29/04/2021 at 12:27, Ali tuck said:

    This car is a massive deal for lotus- they can’t get it wrong,with the investment etc it has to be right-it will be up there with the best of them.Performance and design I’m sure will be everything we expect

    Agreed, it's got to  be right from the off too, I'm sure most folks will forgive the occasional niggle but it needs to feel well built without previous launch series issues. I have faith though... still thinking about a deposit, I still think it's a shame Lotus didn't bite the bullet, wave goodbye to the old tech with the last of the Elise/Exiges, but hey... I'm very keen to see what Lotus have been up to. 

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  7. We bought a Nissan Leaf a year ago, really just as a toe in the water EV, see how we feel about it... honestly it's been amazing. The range in something like 150 miles, not great for a long trip but day to day pottering around it's perfect, zero anxiety after the first couple of weeks once we gave up obsessing over the range read out! We'd not realised there's a wait for the fast charger to be installed so we started charging it off the standard 3 pin socket and it's fine, charges up overnight, never a problem. Plan A is to consolidate the runabout and the Mrs's 4x4 ( proper rural we need one honest ), into a single EV 4x4 with a decent range. There's a few on the horizon, Nissan have something coming along at the beginning of next year as does VW. It's exciting, makes me feel almost clean... sort of. After that I won't feel so bad about selling the house, the kids and both kidneys for an Evija... 

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  8. I've always fancied an S3 Esprit, I just love the clean lines of the n/a cars. A Ferrari 246 Dino has always been up there , I can't see that one happening given the £300k price tag, I met a guy bought 2 for restoration in the 80's, £14k the pair... right place, right time I guess! Beyond that a nice E-Type wouldn't be a bad thing, maybe an XK140, Roadster in Racing Green, a nice Austin Healy 3000, something for the weekend Sir? Too many more to list... 

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  9. 1 hour ago, au-yt said:

    Thank you there is always two sides to the story.

    So it would seem! The video was taken down a few days ago and an apology posted on the MOC,  word is only 4% of members responded to the posters enquiry. It's a shame though,  I never let the small talk put me off countless years of Lotus ownership and McLaren have worked hard over the past few years to improve things, sadly it's a lot easier to tarnish a reputation than to build one up. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, jep said:

    Not necessarily so. Those with problem-free McLaren just don't make videos about it, we get on with enjoying our cars. There must be 30,000+ McLarens around the world now. 😁


    That's the overall feeling... think of the rep Lotus had, or perhaps still do in some circles, it's hard to shake off, even more difficult in this day and age. The cars are solid though, hand built so not without the occasional niggle, nothing that's ever stopped me driving or enjoying them, very similar to my Lotus experiences. As for that vid, I guess I stick out like a 'sore thumb'... likewise most owners I've met, I've not sure what to make of it, certainly not my experience in over 3 years of ownership. 


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  11. 23 minutes ago, jep said:


    Evora is all you need. A McLaren is just an extra privilege if you are so inclined.


    Very true, I loved my Evora, just couldn't resist that extra stretch to a McLaren though. I'd love to see the companies pool resources, they're so similar in many ways, ethos, heritage. It'll never happen but hey... 

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  12. 14 minutes ago, au-yt said:

    Out of curiosity do you pay the annual warranty and have a wheel alignment checked each year, as Thorny recon not one comes out of the factory as per their own settings.

    Nope, I've had 2 Mac's both from new so in warranty. I've never had issues with alignment, my dealer's been good too with big improvements made over the past few years, it's great to see the independents coming onboard too, McLaren need that, so many cars out there now, the dealers are a bit swamped. I wouldn't want to own one without a warranty or taking out the annual once the original's run out, things can get out of hand very quickly if you're unlucky. Honestly though, I loved my Evora S and was apprehensive at first, I got in with the entry level 540 but I got hooked, I love the company,   it's hard not to miss Lotus cars after 30+ years of obsession, I'm excited to see what new Esprit's all about.

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  13. 10 minutes ago, au-yt said:

    That's provided they don't break first. consider your selves lucky that you have an independent like Thorny motorsport

    Personally unless I was a Gazinionair I wont touch a new one either.  

    All I can say is I'm on my 2nd Mac, no real issues with either, the current one's cheaper to run and far more reliable than the wife's Audi... stunning cars but could be tempted back to Lotus someday. 

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  14. On 12/02/2020 at 19:20, Escape said:

    I wonder how much of that is actually necessary. Aside from resale value off course. But looking at it as a daily/regular driven car, as long as the clutch performs as it should, why change it? Same with the tires, would it really be noticeable if you just have them balanced separately instead of getting the entire car tracked and setup?

    To be fair whoever bought one back in day has made a mint, but there's no cheap way to run a £15m hyper car. 'Normal' Mac's are a lot more reasonable to service though... courtesy of B&C too these days!

  15. 35 minutes ago, rallyesax said:

    But for the future projects, it will still be a 'competition' between the tire manufacturers. So, depending on strategies and offers, we will see what it brings. 

    Tyres being a big thing at that level of performance. McLaren reckon with the Speedtail, above 250mph the tyres required would make the ride far too harsh to fulfill it's GT, hyper car brief. 

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