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  1. Hey all, I am still busy trying to restore my S1 that was badly chopped and modded, but I am really looking for a full set of all 4 front and back original S1 wolfrace wheels, the problem is I live in South Africa and some 1 would have to be willing to ship them to me, I will pay the shipping ofcorse, they do not need to have tires on them it would be better if its just the wheels so that its lighter and less for shipping anyways as it can be rough sometimes and then still have import duties too. If any one comes across any or knows some 1 with a set for sale in South Africa, please contact me I know there is another guy also looking for a set so I respect the fact if you help him out first, but if he doesn't need em anymore or has already got a set then I am very much still hunting for a set. Many thanx to all for the help Best Regards Bevan
  2. Thanx for the reply man, I really appreciate, would you believe that I missed them by about 5min (the auction had just ended when I checked this ) I can kick myself a 1000 times over cause I know these are incrediably hard to find and at that price with the centre caps it looks like a steal Please if any 1 else finds a set anywhere drop me a mail or post here, many many thanx, will check this thread DAILY thanx guys
  3. Hey all, I am looking for an original set of S1 wolfrace wheels, front and back, they dont have to have tires on and can be in any condition as long as they can be reconditioned and are not destroyed or suffering from major kurb rash I am however looking to be able to import them to South Africa as I stay there and need them here (obviously, hehe) So if any 1 is selling a set or know's some 1 interested in selling a set and they would be willing to post them to me (I will pay the postage costs) then I would GREATLY APPRECIATE that please give me a shout on here, or on my email at [email protected] Many thanx guys (I posted a topic a while back trying to restore a S1 that had been butchered into a turbo, and have decided to rescue it back to an Original S1, so these are needed, Im still busy with the resto so please keep ur eyes peeled for me if any 1 see's a set surface somewhere, they are not life or death atm but I do need em sooner rather than later )
  4. Also keen for some pics thanx mate and awesome Job, looks amazing have completley stripped mine down and seeing if I can recreate the fibre glass parts Im missing to return it to an S1, also nearly finished painting the chassis, then just gotta clean and paint the suspention parts, but coming along nicely so far, will post some pictures when Ive got a restoration thread up for all those that wanna see regards Bevan
  5. Thanx Richard, that is inspiring Roger that would be schweet if you find that guys detail, who know's maybe that engine can go in my S1, hehe even if not I can always find out if he knows anything about the car perhaps thanx in advance
  6. Hey Joe, many thanx for the info and posting, I have been checking my chassis all over but cannot seem to locate a number yet, I wonder if they stamed the S1 chassis, hope so, must be somewhere , hehe unfortunately it wont allow me to post more pics yet, so cant add the ones of the chassis underneath or of the engine, so if any 1 wants those just drop me a line with ur mail address and I'll send them to you thanx again guys
  7. Ahh that is very interesting Tony, thanx for the info, it is a possibility I guess I sent an Email to Andy at Lotus and his reply was that there should be a number on the gearbox aswell, because no of the numbers I have correspond to the engine number in there, anyways I found the number but dont know what it means till next week tuesday when Andy is back so will have to wait the number is 0116 is any 1 is curious some more pics to follow as soon as I can post again
  8. Got the information from a guy here I mailed in South Africa, but very interesting info you have there, didint realize that, he must be mistaken because that clearly rules out 0238G then, unless there was an engine swop somewhere along the line, but it does not appear so as the engine is at least 30 years old by the looks of it, and when I removed it from the car it did not appear to have ever been removed before, but I could be wrong do you know if there is another location on the car or chassis somewhere where there could possibly be another chassis number stamping? or on any particular part? steering wheel or whatever something like that? I have also sent a mail a bit earlier to Andy at Lotus UK, so hopefully he can find some records on the car perhaps, holding thumbs oh will post some screen shots up just now, soon as I can find out how to put more than 1 or 2, else I will have to link them to another site Pictures as Promised, unfortunately it was late when it arrived and so the pics are a bit dark, but there are more futher on, I just didint take too many before stripping, which was perhaps silly of me I will add some more in my next post, have some detiled pics of the engine and chassis after my removal of the body, hope these help a bit, sometimes looking at the body I think it would just be easier to buy another Barn Find one and use the body, lol (who know's might find a set of wheels with it too, hehe)
  9. Very interesting, it is possible they used doors from another car, some1 said there should be a number on the chassis on the right front somewhere behind the wheel, so have been paint stripping but have discovered nothing as of yet. I also found out that it appears that the engine number I have corrisponds to 0238G, so it may be possible that they incorerectly recored the number and instead of 76102386, it should be 7610238G and not a 6, but that still doesnt count in the missing zero though? cause I guess then it shoulda been 76100238G? or am I mistaken
  10. Cool thanx guys, I will try get some pics up a bit later today, and will go search again for the chassis plate, hehe the whole thing is tripped though and couldnt find anything but might be I missed it I will try sending Andy a mail aswell to see if he can help maybe unfortunately I only have a South African document when it was registered here, which was first registration in 1978, so I think it coulda been imported from the UK or registered there first perhaps, I am not a 100% sure if it is a UK car because the registration document doesnt have a G on it but the number in the door is definately 217G-2, but will get some pics of that up for u guys so u can check thanx again
  11. Discovering the history of my S1 atm, which is very exciting, loved the car since I saw the James Bond Film, The spy who loved me a long time ago, hehe

  12. Thank you to all those guys that have replied, I really appreciate the info you are all sharing with me sent you a mail roger, thanx for dropping me a line, most kind, am living in Pretoria atm, but might be moving down close to Plettenburg Bay in the next 2 months as for Gordon, u have me very very intrigued and excited to discover the history of the car am going to go and check everything and see if i can find or confirm the numbers I posted I checked the registration document again and it is the same as I posted, but is a very old document from the 80's so might be they wernt so into detail back then or that they mis read the numbers, gonna see what I can find and will post it up here will try hooking up some photo's for u guys too oh thanx for those site's aswell Gavin, matt's looks amazing, make's me wanna finish mine in a week so I can drive it, lol I have checked the old panels that came with the car, and can only find a number inside the left and right door they match and are number 217G-2 not sure what the -2 is for cannot find any numbers under the badge, because i think the guy smashed there and refiber glassed it, thats how it appears, no other numbers in the body either so it could very well be that the number was recorded incorectly I also went and double checked on the engine itself and the number there is CC776 101 3187 so that matches the registration form, not sure if any of that makes sense, hehe also if it is 217G would it be possible to find the begining of the number? cause it would most probably be the one that matches the engine number, and if engine matches CC7761013187 then thats probably my car anyways, off for now but really appreciate all the help seems it added all my last posts together, so sorry for the essay apperance
  13. U can add me I would very much like to purchase such a kit as I am trying to restore my S1 and would need the shocks, springs, dampers in the near future (would also save me the cost of having a set of bilstien's specially desinged for my lotus, which I was planning soon) So count me in, provided I can get them here hopefully thanx Bevan, South Africa
  14. Hey Guys, Im new here but have been reading some posts and restoration topics and it has greatly insipired me I live in South Africa, which does not have access to all the Esprit Maniacs like u guys, hehe, so help here is hard to come by with the car. It is what u could call a barn find car as it is in an absolutely shocking state, it was rolled back in 1981 by the onwner and has not been on the road since, but has been lying in a garage gathering dust. I decided to purcahse it and attempt to restore it to its former glory as a S1 but am not so sure if that is possible anymore, I accquired it about a year ago and have totally stripped it down and tried to assess wheather I can restore it, and have learnt alot from sites like this one before attemting anything, as I am what u may call a bit new to the restoring side of life, hehe It seems like a very exciting opportunity though and im sure I will be learning alot, I am a huge fan of the lotus S1 as well as the Guiagaro Turbo model. The previous owner obviously liked the turbo more as he has totally massacred the body on the S1 so as to modify it to look like a turbo, has new panels for a turbo, interior has been customized to look like the turbo, has chopped and added a sunroof, removed the original sideskirts of the S1 for turbo looking ones, new turbo replica wheels, turbo decals I am not too sure if it is possible to restore it to an S1 anymore, because it seems very hard to find parts for them and I am not sure if I can afford the import costs to aquire all these parts. SO hence my post and was wondering if you guys could give me a hand of advice, firstly wheather to try my hardest and source S1 parts, or to continue the build and make it into a turbo (seems a bit sad since they are really really RARE) but not sure i can get all teh parts of an S1 or wheather I can afford to get them a list of what i would need to restore it to an S1 1. Windshield, front and rear 2. full set of 4 wheels (original wolfrace S1 spec ones) 3. a full redone interior back to S1 spec 4. S1 sideskirts (these i can possibly make out of fiberglass, if i can find a template) 5. S1 bumpers, front and rear 6. a few other odds and ends that are missing, door mirror, steering wheel, chrome trim for the interior, badges, re-view mirror, radiator, etc thats all i can think of, the rest of the old S1 stuff is there, along with new replacement turbo parts, although the body is in serious disrepair, and I need to totally re-fibreglass a large amount of it, due to the rolling of the car, everything appears to be straight though, although the body seems to be splitting along the seems in the middle where it was originally moulded together in the factory (not sure if i can repair that, but seems possible) the chassis and engine are intact as S1 spec but need serious restoration aswell, but all part of the fun i guess, hehe also it is missing the chassis plates and such, so all I have is the registration document from back in '81 when it came off the road not sure if any one out there can tell me a bit of history about the car, I tried searching but didint come up with much as cant find it registed anywhere ever, or on any production lists the details I do know are as follows 1976 Production Esprit S1 think the original color was yellow, but not sure may have been resprayed (not sure how rare yellow is either, probably common) was registered as yellow though engine number is CC7761013187 chassis number is 76102386 those are from the registration document and on the odo meter it is registering at 33078 Miles, when it crashed thanx guys, can also try post a few pics if any 1 wants to see, but not much to look at atm im affraid, but hopefully someday it will be back on the road in its former glory, moving house atm so would probably start the restoration phase early next year Bevan
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