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  1. George, did you investigate chemical dipping vs blasting? Years ago remember reading some discussion about warping damage, but not sure which method it applied to. I still have a sandblaster lying about that I used on various chassis parts of a non-lotus car , long before I got my Esprit. (which needed no body work thankfully) I find it hard to shed tools and you were wise to part that work out . Of course my compressor being only 2 HP probably was the biggest problem. Even though my old S2 is long gone to its current owner I will be following your current project with familial interest. Great stuff !!! . Keep up the good work!
  2. I'm afraid it will sting me!!!
  3. What about those sun screens. By both lowering car temps and being in between the off gassing plastic and windscreen, will they help?
  4. Funny, The smoke was clearly coming from the rear !!! (hint hint)
  5. Trump does this sort of thing everyday at his rallies !!!!!
  6. His Roy Batty role made that movie. One of my all time favorites (have multiple versions) RIP
  7. Beware orange haired politicians (who was the sperm donor?)
  8. Is Natasha part of the deal? (moose and squirrel) Vladimir will be pleased.
  9. Steampunk like tones on the interior.
  10. Clearly he's very enthused !!
  11. The 1970 Lancia Stratos HF Zero show car has to be in contention for the lowest.(33" and it runs)
  12. it had acne in 1890 and it's all smoothed out now?
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