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  1. What amazes me is many farmers supported Trump (and still do), yet he is making it difficult for migrant workers to enter the country which is a cheap source of harvest workers they need. (Can't get US people to work at those wages) None of his supporters look beyond his smoke and mirrors, but rather breathe the opium spewed out in his support rallies (much like Hitler). Rather than actually fixing things he has these self praising rallies spewing lies (and they eat it up) Where's the beef ?(as the commercial said)
  2. I just saw Cohen state that Trump has told over 9000 lies to date (I gave up counting and I wonder who is)
  3. Ya, which pathological liar does one believe?
  4. The inverse to rusting brake is the clutch sticking to the flywheel. Had that happen (not a Lotus) and jacked the rear up on jackstands, started the car in gear and then jammed on the brakes when up to an indicated 30 mph or so.
  5. They should reissue it with an orange polka-dot design, but then Trump would be offended and threaten a lawsuit.
  6. How about keeping the car in a large plastic bag and using a few of these?
  7. Only way I could see that work is motorized pads that shift the car all the way to one side (with about an inch clearance and then shift it back to center once in. Or do like I did when searching for a house : "find me a 2 car garage with some sort of house attached"
  8. How can you sleep when your beds are burning?
  9. comem47


    That be some nice Russian mined titanium there put to good use in the US
  10. It's very cold in the NE US right now (Niagara Falls)
  11. I'm an American and have the same feelings about our orange faced baby in Washington !!
  12. Guilty of using my virgin oven to heat the rear hub of my S2 Esprit to replace the bearing. Not married at the time so I suppose it didn't count
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