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  1. The URL seen in the top of the video impiies "comedy" FWIW 🤔
  2. I guess "red states" and "blue states" are a universal thing
  3. preference in food choice is a poor comparison to the one spreading disease to the many Think of all the injections that were necesssary over the years to attend public school. Smallpox , polio, DPT, etc. I guess one can be a hermit and choose home schooling, but if you wish to be a member of public schooling and all it offers ...
  4. locks up my chromebook real good !!!!
  5. a return Hi from Letchworth 😜
  6. I can't see total EV. A winter storm wipes out the local grid and you're screwed to recharge. At least with a hybrid you got backup.
  7. The Carling brewery was the next town over (Natick MA) when I was in High School. With a wink we got a sampling tour when asked if we were 21 (drinking age then) we were 18.
  8. Nexttime a blockade occurs have a spray foam truck show up. Zip tie their hands to gether and foam them like a mummy. They get their wish and are thoroughly insulated !!! Now they can be easliy stacked on a flatbed and hauled away. 😜
  9. comem47

    Formula One

    ego begats rooster one upon a time
  10. Anybody got Rolaids for this poor alligator? (don't do this)
  11. The way it should be is do your own thing SO LONG as it doesn't impinge on others. Seems they got it backwards these days and some individuals only care about getting their way at the expense of all others. Seems to be a lot more trolls than in the past.
  12. Chrome, because we have 3 chromebooks i nthe house. Got tired of the antivirus dancing with Windoz quite some time back. One less hassle these days.
  13. I wonder how long the batteries last? Welding robots supplied by mains make infinite sense, but while this is tremedously impressive, is it pracrical (what customers other than SWAT teams) at this time?
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