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  1. Just think, were not the first to hear Greta's wisdom. .She tried it before in 1898 (Klondike gold rush)
  2. I think Lewis' locks should be knighted
  3. Happy Halloween. Gonna go get some beef chow mein !!!
  4. Weather looks to be quite good for this weekend into Monday holiday (Indigenous Peoples Day -formerly Columbus Day) (I know should be Vikings day). Anyway going camping with the wife and grandson on the shores of Lake Ontario in the VW camper van for the last outing of the year. Other areas of the country having various catastrophes , be it fire ,blizzard, or flood we count ourselves fortunate.
  5. The subject of my post was related to quality control. The Russian (Svetlana) and US manufacturers had a handle on that. The Chinese don't seem to care. Yes, it's good someone still makes tubes, but that doesn't mean I should celebrate their lack of concern over quality control. They should follow the Japanese quality ethic and we all win. Quality should no be an option. If it costs more to implement so be it. Luckily the vast majority of tubes are still available in NOS stockpiles, but no so much the power amplifier tubes. (both audio and RF.) Would you buy a Lotus that keeps having engine meltdowns and multiple trailer-ed trips back to a distant dealer to hopefully fix? (fingers crossed)
  6. As a Radio Amateur who is forced to use Chinese vacuum tubes I can tell you the standard quality yield is horrible out of the box. You pay extra for post mfg quality testing to sort. Unfortunately nobody else makes tubes these days so the incentive is low without competition. The US vendor I go through has a a good warranty and excellent service to compensate for the lower %. (they advance replace and pay shipping both ways). Once sorted they are fine, but the delay in sorting out the defects is annoying.
  7. George, did you investigate chemical dipping vs blasting? Years ago remember reading some discussion about warping damage, but not sure which method it applied to. I still have a sandblaster lying about that I used on various chassis parts of a non-lotus car , long before I got my Esprit. (which needed no body work thankfully) I find it hard to shed tools and you were wise to part that work out . Of course my compressor being only 2 HP probably was the biggest problem. Even though my old S2 is long gone to its current owner I will be following your current project with familial interest. Great stuff !!! . Keep up the good work!
  8. I'm afraid it will sting me!!!
  9. What about those sun screens. By both lowering car temps and being in between the off gassing plastic and windscreen, will they help?
  10. Funny, The smoke was clearly coming from the rear !!! (hint hint)
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