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  1. He's in the process of molting.
  2. Oh I knew it was going to fail, but I guess it was a feeble attempt to point out to the unquestioning followers of Der Fuhrer of all his lies. The Republicans all marching lock-step with der leader and selling theirs souls to stay in office. SAD
  3. please put me out of my misery. It keeps going on. 15,000 lies and growing by the second.
  4. comem47

    Bye Scotland!

    I thought this would be the vestige (where's the kilts?)
  5. I couldn't come out to Watkins Glen in '89 from Mass so I missed that GT-40 reunion. I moved out this way in '93, but never seen as many since.
  6. Maybe the thing to do is lay one of those whole car bags on the floor and drive over the bottom and then pull the bag over the rest of the car. Then throw a desiccant bag inside and close the bag tightly so no humidity and leak in. Maybe something like this
  7. Maybe the price in "Rainman dollars" where everything cost "about a hundred dollars"
  8. The Ice sheet was 2 miles thick where I live at one time and no humans were burning gas/oil. While we should do our part to reduce the effects, the earth has it's own agenda with volcanoes and meteors, etc. of much greater magnitude. BTW No prehistoric monsters survived the weight of the ice when Loch Ness was carved out.
  9. Just think, were not the first to hear Greta's wisdom. .She tried it before in 1898 (Klondike gold rush)
  10. I think Lewis' locks should be knighted
  11. Happy Halloween. Gonna go get some beef chow mein !!!
  12. Weather looks to be quite good for this weekend into Monday holiday (Indigenous Peoples Day -formerly Columbus Day) (I know should be Vikings day). Anyway going camping with the wife and grandson on the shores of Lake Ontario in the VW camper van for the last outing of the year. Other areas of the country having various catastrophes , be it fire ,blizzard, or flood we count ourselves fortunate.
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