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  1. In the words of David Byrne in the song Psycho Killer "say something once , why say it again ?"
  2. Kimbers, Best wishes today. Our Vet has always been super at these times. As for getting another dog . I gave my wife our new Keeshond as a XMAS present, but it was not a surprise or quick decision and as mentioned done before our Pom passed. We weighed several things like it being a life commitment again (her first dog was a Keeshond who lived for 14 yrs), but also entering in was the fact that we have custody of our grandson and know it 's a great thing to teach him responsibility as well as having a live in friend (no problem with him having human friends). I also had selfish r
  3. Sorry if this is not exactly keeping to the subject This has an interesting twist (my wife's stepmom sent it to us*) It tugs at the heart of dog lovers. (in keeping with the subject we've had 3 overlapping dogs . The last one that died was a 19 yr old Pom that was my wife's baby and we got him at age 5 from the local shelter. We now have a 2 yr old Keeshond we got as a puppy and it picked on the cataract old age Pom in over aggressive play near the end. (Now that the Pom is resting in peace it can be said the puppy helped with our grief of
  4. Sounds like one of those electrostatic filters with UV light added would be a good addition /replacement to a MERV 14 filter for the HVAC house filter.
  5. comem47


    Just remember, wherever a B52 takes off it will be clear of mosquitoes for the next few years !!!
  6. Trump is all about Trump and family. Period. That so called debate was his opportunity to kick sand in Biden's face and get in a sucker punch first. A coward bully, I still can't believe people think he's a financial genius. He knows how to milk the public through bankruptcies (no building) We all pay into his coffers.
  7. The darkened area between the thighs could be the inspiration for the shape of the new nose badge
  8. Just think about it as a "personal calling card"
  9. Yes, anything goes down there whether it's safe or not !!!
  10. Just need a 3 foot lift kit for the Lotus !!! (imagine the cornering degradation)!
  11. Sad to hear. RIP indeed . Definitely had a crush on her in my youth.
  12. None taken (not Jewish). My wife tells me interesting stories about how some of the Jewish people she used to work with were more kosher around holidays, but otherwise ate what they wanted and one of her more religious Jewish friends would give those people grief and call them hypocrites for selectively turning the kosher diet on and off. I believe I went to Israel on business in 2009 for a week and a half. Too bad I didn't have time to explore more outside of business.
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