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    Formula One

    What a horrible pre-race fiasco. Martin Brundle being forced to seek out glitterati on the grid and failing horribly. I wish I did my homework and showed up just in time for the warm up lap. All the pre-race fluff stuff was embarrasing. (but it's all about maximizing commercials these days before the race and thankfully the race itself appeared commercial free to me)
  2. We thought we were empty nesters several yeats ago when the last of my 3 stepdaughters left home. Her older sister became an addict and subsequently got pregnant. Her subsequent boyfriend was a child abuser and long-story short we have custody of the grandson. Oh well. master reset on "empty nest" status. Good news is other stepdaughters are great and the addict went through rehab and now is married to somene new. (but the grandson has nighborhood friends and well established in this school system and will graduate here in several more years) His mother lives 2 towns away Life has its twists !!!
  3. History repeats. This was a 1942 Hollywood take on the Netherlands then
  4. or better yet get Putin's castle.
  5. Prices in my town (USA) at least 25 cents/gal cheaper in Rochester NY.. I hear CA is over $5
  6. Careful with the terminology, calling it an "invason" will get you jail time in Russia (oh you're not there? Nevermind !! )😜
  7. Did any one else have the thought since Putin had all his tanks and supplies lined up in neat rows and blocks and since he only respects power it would have been easy to tell him to return his weapony into Russia proper pronto or it would have been easy to destroy his fish in a barrel with a few B-52 strikes? I know it's not that simple, but it would have been nice to tell his pawns (Russian army) to walk away a safe distance while the united world destroyed his invasive tools. (thoughts of Gort ) Just dreaming. Instead I think he just bought himeslf another Afghanistan with guerrilla warfare. One can only hope the Russian people could cut off Putin's penis (I know they don't want war).
  8. The man who shows himsef off riding bare chested on a horse is all about ego and "mine is bigger than yours". (his personal wealth) I think a united front against his personal wealth will be all he understands.
  9. Is this real? details pse. truck appears to be LHD
  10. Going back I see it's an oval track Indy racer. Still odd wiith the tires (shaved tires on left side of all tires).
  11. Check out tires on opening frame. Can you get them like this? ( worn opposite of what would be camber wear on front tire) Diver commented on what a handful it was to drive (wandering) 🥺
  12. And I'd be paranlid about avaiding it. Even though they claim to tarackit it all. A 17000 mph collision is no "fender bender". 😧
  13. The URL seen in the top of the video impiies "comedy" FWIW 🤔
  14. I guess "red states" and "blue states" are a universal thing
  15. preference in food choice is a poor comparison to the one spreading disease to the many Think of all the injections that were necesssary over the years to attend public school. Smallpox , polio, DPT, etc. I guess one can be a hermit and choose home schooling, but if you wish to be a member of public schooling and all it offers ...
  16. locks up my chromebook real good !!!!
  17. a return Hi from Letchworth 😜
  18. I can't see total EV. A winter storm wipes out the local grid and you're screwed to recharge. At least with a hybrid you got backup.
  19. The Carling brewery was the next town over (Natick MA) when I was in High School. With a wink we got a sampling tour when asked if we were 21 (drinking age then) we were 18.
  20. Nexttime a blockade occurs have a spray foam truck show up. Zip tie their hands to gether and foam them like a mummy. They get their wish and are thoroughly insulated !!! Now they can be easliy stacked on a flatbed and hauled away. 😜
  21. comem47

    Formula One

    ego begats rooster one upon a time
  22. Anybody got Rolaids for this poor alligator? (don't do this)
  23. The way it should be is do your own thing SO LONG as it doesn't impinge on others. Seems they got it backwards these days and some individuals only care about getting their way at the expense of all others. Seems to be a lot more trolls than in the past.
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