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  1. Matches my (US) drivers arm 😉
  2. So you're into the "wallpaper look" , eh? I know "different strokes for different folks", but that many tatoos on a woman turns me off.
  3. I alwayss wondered about clutch design. My Esprit S2 was very heavy compared to my Dodge v8 pickup truck (wihch I could depress with my toe). Both hydraulic , but why was the Esprit so heavy? I know the truck was no problem in stop/go traffic, but not the Esprit.
  4. Wife and I are on our second Werewolf. 😜
  5. who pulled that fly's wings off? 😆
  6. My wife found a clinic that got me in a month sooner than my previously scheduled Covid shot. One down as of today !!! (for someone with type 1 diabetes, asthma, triple bypass and waiting for a kidney transplant -that means a lot !!! )
  7. Kimbers, at least you're not in Houston Tx. ($7K bill).. It's like stock options when the botttom falls out.
  8. Remind those that choose to wear their mask that way that it's not a "chin diaper" 😉
  9. I and others call those snow covered cars "mobile igloos"
  10. As expected the Republican senators whom have their nose deeply buried in Trumps ass voted along tribal lines. At least a few voted their conscience putting country ahead of party.
  11. doesn't work in the US 😜
  12. But his followers are too stupid to see through him and the con. (He was not President to do good for the country or his followers,only to do good for himself) People should have done due diligence before voting for him. Over and over again he went through bankruptcies and we the tax payers picked up the tab.
  13. Go Brady/Gronk !!! Hope they make it to the end 👍
  14. the GOAT vs "the kid". Should be a great game. (from a New England fan who rooted for my wife's "Bills" this season end.) That would have been great if they made it.
  15. I built this plastic 1/8 scale Entex kit back in the 80's, but some of the gold decals became brittle and have lifted in time. Quite detailed (fuel and ignition lines)and took me some time to complete. Wouldn't have the time these days.
  16. Yup, more deaths than all of WWII for the US. That is significant and far from a hoax as conspiracy theorists would like you to believe.
  17. We'll have a duel then. Masks at 10 feet. You get to choose whether the unknown Covid positive person facing you in a room wears one or doesn't when they sneeze. Do you feel lucky? 🤔
  18. I'm sure glad my surgeon wore a mask for my open heart surgery (his mask protects me) You'd be surprised how far sneeze droplets go without one.
  19. Guiliani performed horribly (never presented any facts, just innuendo) and being a yes man to Trump. $20K/day. Absurd !!! He deserves to get stiffed. A vampire !!!
  20. I'd like to see that not only can he not run again (stirring up more social unrest) ,but he is stripped of his post-president benefits (like secret service protection) That would happen with a conviction. be gone satan !!!!
  21. get a treadmill (just kidding) 😉
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